Jennifer Thomas “Illumination” Music Video: Submit Your Ideas

Have you ever wanted to be part of the making of a film?  Are you a storyteller?  Well, then I need your help.

To make a long story short…

Over the past many months, my filmmaker, producer, and myself have been going back and forth about concepts for a music video for my title track “Illumination”.  We have settled on something, only to later change it.  And then, recently, we had come up with a very cool concept involving some very fancy cars, parkoir runners, with a sleek theif vs. FBI agent type of feel.  I even still have the cars lined up for the video, including a Rolls Royce and a very fancy sports car – thanks to the local Exotics car club here in Seattle.

Listen to “Illumination” here:

However, new bump in the road:

I recently shot a music video with Viktoria Tocca for our collaboration together on our song “Moonlight”.  Though the video was shot very differently, the concept ended up being quite similar to our idea for “Illumination”.  It was a hard decision to admit that we needed to, again, change the idea for the Illumination video. I didn’t want two music videos made back to back that were both dark, secret-agent type videos.

(Fun shots from “Moonlight” video shoot….)

So I did a 180 degree, and decided that even though I personally love the whole fast car chase type video, I needed something more personal for this video; something very light and positive.  Something that would inspire people, just as I would hope this song does for people.

Our original shoot for this video was scheduled for the weekend of Sept 15th, however, we’ve decided to postpone it until we have a really solid creative idea for the concept.  We’ve gone back and forth on several ideas but so far, there hasn’t been one idea that has really popped out and stood out as the front runner.  This is a very special song and it needs a special story/concept to go along with it.  I don’t want people to just watch it and say “That was cool.” But I want them to watch it and get goosebumps and share it with their friends because it inspired them and really made their day better, and made them feel like a better person.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN: I asked my filmmaker if he would be all right with me extending the invitation to my fans to submit story/concept ideas for the video.  I, in no way, wanted to infringe on his creative territory on this video, but we both agreed it would be really great and fun to hear what other people came up with. And hey, if you submit an idea that we end up using, we will definitely list you on the video credits for your role and input in it.  And give you a huge shout-out. 🙂

Some things you need to know before typing away your ideas:

1.  Our budget for this video is like super tiny.  The best ways to keep filming budgets down are cutting down on shooting time, i.e. not a zillion different locations.  And no super hard special effects.

2.  I live in Seattle and the video will be shot in the Seattle area.  Think ocean, trees, city, mountains, green.

3.  The best music videos are ones with a story to them, even if it is very simple.

4.  I want something that is positive, inspiring, and uplifting.  Think of the meaning behind the word “illumination”.

5. I originally wrote the song for a luxury car commercial, so it kind of has that vibe/inspiration behind it.  But it doesn’t have to be about that. Just wanted to let you know why I had written it.

All right -ready, set, go!  Post your ideas away! I’ll be checking this for the next month or so….and we’ll probably be hoping to lock something down and shoot October or November.  Please help me make a great impacting music video that you would love to see. 🙂 Thanks.

– Jennifer and team

P.S. If you don’t want everyone to read your idea here in the comments, you can personally email me at