BlogTalkRadio Interview with Jace Vek

Hello Friends,

I was going to write a big ole’ post about this, but Jace already did a way better job explaining it than I could ever do….so I’m reposting what he wrote on his blog.  In a word – join the radio partyline next Wednesday 3pm EST.  See below…
“Well, maybe its not a party-

But it is a Blog Talk Radio show about new age music! And I am the host… Thats worth a hip hip hooray or two right?!

On Wednesday, April 22, my new Blog Talk Radio show, “Jace Vek Live” will be debuting. The show will regularly feature beautiful music by incredible new age and neo classical artists, including and not limited to symphonic, ambient, electro-acoustic-fusion, solo piano, guitar, trumpet, and the kitchen sink. (figuratively speaking of course)Jennifer Thomas, Piano virtuoso and symphonic composer. We’ll be playing pieces from her album, “Key of Sea” and a sneak from her upcoming album release with her Mom Carolyn Southworth (another incredible pianist- composer… it runs in their family lol)- Their new CD is a beautiful new lullaby album that is going to be released very very soon.

Each week we will feature another special guest artist on the show, Our first show, (next wednesday) will feature none other than the incredible

Remember- not only can you hear the latest music from you favorite new age artists here, but it is also a talk show… 🙂 If you ever wanted to connect with the artists that make the music you love, here is your chance to call in during the show and say hello! Jennifer and I would like to meet you.

So please stop by the show page for “Jace Vek Live”, and mark your calendars for Next Wednesday April 22, @3:00pm Eastern, Standard Time for out very first show.”


Goodbye Pandora?

So in my newsletter that I got yesterday, I read that Pandora might be going under due to them having to payout 70% of their revenues to royalties.

This whole internet radio royalty thing is like biting the hand that feeds you.  Well except that Pandora is forced to feed us ($), but I was more referring to the nourishment we artists receive from Pandora by introducing our music to thousands of listeners who otherwise might not have heard it – thanks to their smart technology.

Anyway I’m sad.  I would gladly forfeit any royalties Pandora owes me if it meant they could stay afloat. Its not worth it to me to lose all those possible cd sales and fans just to get a stupid check from ASCAP for a small royalty payment and to have Pandora go under.

Not to mention that a good majority of my CD collection are indie artists that I’d never heard of until I found Pandora.

Bah humbug.

‘Key of Sea’ Featured on

My album ‘Key of Sea’ will be featured on the New Age station of on Friday, April 11th.  It will be aired in its full length entirety a total of four times starting 3 am EST, including small spots to feature biographical info about myself.  I might also make a small appearance during the broadcast.

Here’s a chance to hear my entire album start to finish. Go to to listen.   


P.S. An update, just really quick, I am actually not sure if it is airing on the “Solo Piano”, or the “New Age”  Will keep you informed when I find out.

I Feel Pretty Darn Cool

I found out this afternoon, by way of hits on my website, that my friend Jon at Spirit Within New Age Radio had been doing a darn good job of promoting my album for me.

So of course I thought I would do a little promotion for his station as well.

Check out Spirit Within New Age Radio to hear great music, and well to also see yours truly right smack on his homepage!  Pretty sweet.

I’m on Pandora!

Great news!! My album “Key of Sea” is now on rotation on Pandora (an intuitive internet “radio” site). 

I love Pandora! These folks are quite musically savvy.  They go through each of your songs and “categorize” them from things such as “meandering melodic phrasing, accoustic sonority, demanding instrumental part writing, major key tonality” and etc, etc, etc.  They are so incredibly detailed with this, which is how the station is intuitive in finding other artists that suit your taste. 

Check it out: and just “add a new station” and then do a search for “Jennifer Thomas”. 

Also – as it is Will and my 2nd wedding anniversary on Sunday, the 25th, in celebration of this I just posted “Will’s Song” (I removed “The Red Aspens”)  This song was among one of the first I composed, and it was written for Will, my husband and best friend. 

I started writing it when we were just dating, and it took me months…and months to finish it.  The song itself sort of tells the story of us.  I finally finished the song about 3 weeks before our wedding in March of 2005 and was able to perform it at our wedding reception – as a gift to Will.

Anyway this song has a lot of meaning for me – from the moments when I was at the piano writing it and seeing it evolve right along with our love. Every ounce of this song is emotion – it is about love and beauty and excitement of it. I hope you enjoy it.


Radio Interview

Yesterday I was a guest on the Grapevine Radio on their “What’s My Montra?” show with Dave Beckstrand and Bob Sorenson – airing from Salt Lake City, UT.  If any of you are interested in listening to a recording from the segment, here ya go!

Usually on these radio interviews they will choose whatever clip they want from the album.  This station happened to chose a 30 second clip from my song “Pure” – which really surprised me. Out of all of the songs on my album, I gotta say this one represents my music the least LOL. Oh well – it was a fun interview, even if when I hear my voice of 29 years I still think it sounds like a giggly 16 year old.  Ah maybe someday I’ll grow into my voice….

– J

Some Exciting Stuff

Wow I am blogging a lot!  Hope you are not too bored already.  I seriously don’t blog this often, but wow lots of stuff happening.  Just a few fun things….

– Last week my music started airing on KZION radio down in Utah, a Christian based internet radio station.  Though my music is not “Christian” music (not meaning that I am not Christian (I am), but that my music is not in the “Christian” Genre), it is pretty rad that they are playing my stuff.  That’s exciting. I’ve been on their rotation since 1/18/07 and as of today I am the #3 most requested artist.  Actually my songs “A Beautiful Storm” came in at #3, and “The Red Aspens” is the #9 most requested song.  Spiffy!

– This Friday I will be a featured guest on the Grapevine Radio Show that airs out of Salt Lake City, UT (the #8 most popular online radio station in the U.S…..I actually just found that out today myself ).  So if you want to listen, tune in at 1:30 MST at

– Yet again today another film producer approached me about scoring music for an indie film they are filming later this year.  Goodness gracious!  Apparently everyone thinks my music would be great movie music.  Well, I think so too, but quite honestly I’ve never scored a film before.  I turned down the first two directors, but this time I’m thinking about it.  I’ll keep you updated.

– On the same note, I’m thinking about registering for the Northwest Film Scoring Academy here in Seattle this summer for their super intense summer course.  Typically their programs run in semesters (Film Scoring I, FS II, FS III, etc.).  However, they do a very intense short summer program that basically condenses the courses into one.  I’m only in the consideration stage right now.  It is a very pricy course, not to mention loads of homework that would require additional brain cells. LOL You think I’m joking but I’m not. I downloaded their “Sample Music Theory” test from their website the other day and was completely blown away! Can YOU tell me how to notate out the C Lydian, F Phyrgian, C Logrian, E Dorian and B Mixolydeon modes of scales?   That’s what I figured. And I even went to college for this music stuff! 😉

– On a simpler note, my music is currently being reviewed by a fairly large distribution company.  I will find out if they want to sign a contract with me sometime late February.  My goodness this marketing stuff does take a long time, but I have to say…not as long as composing and recording an album.  So I’ll shut up and be happy.

That’s it for now fokes. See – I’m so tired I can’t even spell folks right!  ‘Night.

– J