I’m On Patreon Now!

Well hello there friend! I’m sorry it’s been a while since I last posted, it’s been a bit of a crazy busy summer/fall, but now I’m into the “busy musician season” (as we musicians commonly refer to it as).

Part of why I’ve been so busy is that I’ve been working for a few months on my Patreon Launch.  If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a way for my fans and friends to be able to get involved with my projects and have a direct impact by helping me.  You can learn more by watching my Patreon video below, and also clicking on over to my page here: https://www.patreon.com/jenniferthomas

Thank you SO much for your continued support! It means a lot. Really it does.


My FB Page Testing and Why You Should Sign Up For My Newsletter

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I recently did some testing with my Facebook Fan Page and ended up with some curious results.  I’ll explain….

Stay with me here.

As a musician and recording artist, I try to stay active in the social media.

I have my Instagram


I have my Youtube channel

FB Youtube

I have Twitter (which I’m not super at)…

FB Twitter

And lastly, I have my Facebook Fan Page.

fB page

Testing Out Facebook’s New Implementations

I will tell you that for the past several years, my FB fan page has been my primary social media that I’ve focused on.  All of the others have been secondary.

I use my FB page to make big announcements. I use it to share updates, photos, music videos, and news about new music and more.

I have almost 13,000 followers on just my FB page alone and I have worked hard for those.  I have never paid for fake followers from random countries to follow my page, and I would say I have a high percentage of retention on my page and it continues to grow everyday.

However, about a month ago, I started noticing that it felt like nobody was seeing my posts.  I would get a handful of likes on a post, and it would tell me that only less than 100 out of my 13K followers saw it.

I thought that was kind of strange.

I started wondering “Ok…so did I just all of a sudden become totally lame, or is nobody seeing my posts?”

I started asking other friends who also had Pages if they were seeing the same thing.  Some were, and some weren’t.

It wasn’t a joke. I started looking into my FB Insights. As you can below, my “average” post reach was only reaching between 960 – 1345 of my 13,000 fans. This was a CONSIDERABLE drop from my insights from 2014.

FB Interactions average

Unless I PAID to boost a post, which you can see…is why the dark orange is spiked so much higher than my organic reach.

FB Interactions

And then I came across this article that FB released towards the end of 2014.  It announced that starting in 2015, they would gradually start making it so businesses with pages on FB would reach less and less of their audience.  This was in part due to a poll that FB sent around last year asking people how they can improve their experience with FB and the biggest feedback they got was that people wanted to see “less promotional content from pages”.

So to make a long story short, what this means for people like me who use Facebook to reach their fans – is basically that if I post a photo of a cat, more people will see that than if I post an announcement about my new album.

My music-related posts are literally being blocked from most of my fans being able to see them.

I decided to put this theory to a test, and for the past 3 weeks I have been posting different sorts of posts to see what interaction from my fans they received.

Here are the results…

1.  I posted about my newest Vlog on my Youtube channel.  Only 221 people saw the post, and 3 people liked it.

FB new vlog 2

2.  I decided to try posting it again, but this time not saying anything about the vlog, or anything that sounded “promotional”.  Just “Happy Monday” and the link.  297 people saw the post, and 6 people liked it.

FB new vlog 3

3.  So then I decided to post something that had nothing to do with my music, but what would be considered “personal”.  I posted a photo of my son’s bookmark he made in 1st grade on Valentine’s Day. 4,538 people saw the post, and 49 people liked it.

FB kid pic

4.  I tried links alone, with no text…

FB link alone music video

5.  I posted text only with no images, with a question/poll…

FB testing can you see this

And still…

If posted something about my Valentine’s date…

FB valentines

Or a video about my baby playing the piano…

FB video of baby

MORE people saw those posts than the ones that actually had anything to do with my music.

And when I actually posted news about upcoming concerts, which by the way I haven’t done a concert in 2 years and it is possibly THE most asked question I get. “When are you going to perform?”.  I get emails daily about this, messages, comments and tweets with this question.

So when I FINALLY make an announcement about the fact I am going to be doing some concerts pretty soon…

FB concert announcement

1,108 people saw the post (out of my 13K fans), and 72 people liked it.  Most of the people who commented are ones who have indicated they wanted to receive “notifications” of whenever I post to FB.

What does this mean?

Don’t get me wrong.  I do like Facebook, and I use it often and am SO grateful for the marketing tool it’s been to me to interact with my fans. However, the fact of the matter is that Facebook can no longer be the future for business and/or people like me with pages to stay connected with their fans. UNLESS I want to PAY to boost a post…

FB nominate paid post

And who can really afford to pay $60 – $200 per post every time just to let the people who liked our pages in the first place see our posts?

In fact, I am paying Facebook right now $200 to BOOST the post on my FB just so that you, my fans, will see this important blog post and why you should sign up for my newsletter if you want to stay connected with news about my music. And do you want to know what is sad?  $200 only reaches about 4,000 of my fans (if I set the “boost” to ONLY target my fans and no one else).

Going forward, I plan to continue to post to FB, Twitter, IG, and Youtube.  BUT if you are a follower and you actually want to see those posts?  I highly HIGHLY suggest that you sign up for my newsletter. In fact I am ASKING you to sign up. I only plan to send one out once a month at most.  And for those who are already subscribed and wondering why you haven’t received any, it’s because I haven’t sent one out in 2 years. It’s my goal to now focus on the newsletter as my primary way to reach fans.


Sign up for my newsletter

If you go to my website www.jenniferthomasmusic.com, you will see down in the righthand corner a link where you can subscribe to my newsletter.

FB newsletter

It will then take you to this page, where you can enter your email address.  VOILA! You’re done!

FB n ewsletter signup

You can also select to “Get Notifications” whenever I post to FB, but still, it is not as effective as receiving my newsletter in your inbox.

FB notif

This is how I will stay connected with my true fans – the ones who really do want to know when I release a new album, or a new music video.  THANK YOU all for your support, it means the world to me.

– Jennifer

Exciting News – Music Career Update, New Album, and More…

I feel like I have so much I’ve been wanting to share with you all, but I haven’t been able to.

That is until today.


For those who don’t know very much about me, I am a pianist, violinist, and composer and I have 3 albums released of my own compositions and arrangements. I was classically trained from the time I was 5 years old, graduated from BYU-I (piano pedigogy), I’ve performed with symphonies, soloed on concertos, and competed in piano competitions.

MacDowell Concerto 2002  1186258_10151574329411689_801381861_n  fixstillshot4 

However, about 10 years ago I discovered that I could compose and my music career hasn’t been the same since. It was then that I felt like I truly finally found my place in music.

945226_10151398598136689_1004522952_nIn that space of time, I have been composing, independently releasing my own albums, and working extremely hard in my music career. I have been lucky enough to have won and been nominated for multiple awards, been featured in movie soundtracks, TV shows, and commercials.

Tens of thousands of music lovers have created Pandora and Spotify radio stations for my music. I have sold out on physical albums, and my digital downloaders have grown tremendously. I have put out two official music videos and my Youtube channel has over a half million views. I have walked red carpets, performed for thousands of people, and met so many absolutely wonderful friends.


During these last 10 years as my career as taken off, you may or may not know that I also have given birth to three beautiful children, and have had the biggest cheerleader in my husband when it comes to my music.

They are my everything – the reason I get up every day, the reason I try to be a better person, and the joy in my life.

This summer has been one of many roadtrips, talking about dreams, our future plans and more.  

The biggest news is that we’ve DECIDED TO MAKE MY MUSIC CAREER THE MAIN FOCUS.

CAM05529Any of you parents out there can appreciate how hard it is to be a parent, how much time and effort it takes and the exhaustion it brings you.  But it is also one of the most rewarding, joyful, and loving things you will ever experience.  

Since having our 3rd baby in March of this year, I have definitely felt so blessed and felt so much joy – but at the same time I felt the stress of trying to juggle everything – and have often felt like giving up on my music would be the only option. Between the exhausting days and nights, I have only had a few rare short moments to practice the piano, and definitely no feelings of inspiration to write or compose.

This has been a long time in coming, but as of a few days ago, my husband gave his 2 week notice at his job at Microsoft; a job that he has worked endless hours at, requires his master’s degree and experience – and he is giving it up so that he can provide me with more time and flexibility to work on my music. He believes in my talents that much!

 426686_4511638989557_1652727677_n willandjen

And so it is a BIG deal that we are taking this step. It is not something we take lightly, and we have prayed about this and there are just so many little things that have happened to lead us to this point – and we know it is the right thing. It will enable both my husband and I to spend more time together with our children, and as a family. We will set our own schedules, he will take on more parenting responsibilities, I will take on more music, and be able to have the time and means to put out more music, and at a faster pace than in the past. And Will will also be working closely with me in my career on finance, marketing, promotions, videography, and more.

I feel SO SO SO happy and lucky that Will has faith in me and my music and that it is important enough that we will put all of our efforts into it!  

With this decision, we will also be selling our home here in the Seattle area and moving to the WA peninsula near the beach – so that we can live in a place where I feel I will receive the most daily inspiration to write new music.  It will be a bit more remote, but our children will enjoy the wide open spaces and the feel of a small town near the ocean. We hope to have all of this in place by Spring 2015.


We are beyond thrilled to take this leap of faith and see where it takes us.  I will keep you all updated along the journey as we work towards this next step in my music career and in our family!


bd6feee2551d54067d996ea86b992798It is with with great excitement that I announce that I am starting work on a CHRISTMAS ALBUM, that I hope to have finished and released by late Fall of 2015 – just in time for the holidays next year.

Many of you have been asking for a Christmas album from me for the last few years, and my heart just wasn’t in it. BUT NOW IT IS! I am SO ready to write Christmas music this year!  I’m excited to work once again with the amazingly talented Glen Gabriel on this project.  To have an album finished within only 1 year will be a first for me (the last album took 4 years), but again, that is the goal with my family’s new focus – to allow me more time for music.  So wish me luck and send me lots of creative vibes as I work on receiving ideas and inspiration for this special music!


I have one other album project I will be working on in between projects – the music will be very epic and cinematic, much like Illumination but hopefully even better.  More live instrumentation, more collaborations, and more music videos.

Thanks for all of your continued love and support!  I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing with my music without you guys – so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Jennifer


My Latest Creation: 9 Months in the Making!

I’ve been wanting to share with you guys about my latest creation for a while now. And while I’ve given you little peeks and snippets on my Facebook page, it’s only now that I’m finally sitting down to write a blog post about the birth of my 3rd baby – Riley Finn Thomas.

Riley was born on March 16th – weighing 7 pounds, 6 ounces.


10003539_10152095050263425_399490022_n   CAM04728   1167110_10152108087623425_1941454032_o

Many of you know over the past 9 months I have been working quite hard on this beautiful creation added to “Team Thomas”. 🙂 I did do a few concerts in my 1st and 2nd trimesters…


(Performing with Grammy nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker at Benaroya Hall in Seattle – 5 months pregnant)



(After performing at the Arlington Nativity Festival – 6 months pregnant – with my Grandma and mother)

…But after my 6th month I decided to take a hiatus from music, as it was increasingly difficult to reach the piano keys and sit at a piano bench with no back support.  And I was just tired. And busy. And pregnant. And I had 2 other kids. I needed a break. So I got to enjoy my 3rd trimester just being pregnant.

Riley is our 3rd boy. Yes BOY.  We do have 3 boys now – and they ALL have red hair.

140324_DSC1824 (My 3 boys – ages 4 weeks, 3 years, and 5 years –  with my Mom, Carolyn Southworth)

Sometimes I am convinced that this is to be my life, LOL:


Riley’s Birth Story: I am not one of those women who has been blessed with wonderfully easy pregnancies and deliveries. On the contrary, I have had my fair share of cruddy stuff happen to me with each one – from dislocated ribs, pre-eclampsia, pancreatitis, gall bladder removal, weightgain and more. BUT I have been incredibly blessed with 3 healthy beautiful babies.  Each time they were born, tears filled my eyes with love and gratefulness for their tiny little spirits and healthy bodies coming into our lives. My first two boys (born 2008 and 2010), I labored 20+ hours with each of them and ended up having Csections both times.  I tried my hardest to avoid having major surgery, but apparently my body wasn’t built to accomodate childbirth the “normal” way.

Knowing that we were having a 3rd baby, the decision this time was easy to go ahead and just schedule a Csection and avoid having to go through labor all over again. So it’s safe to say that the birth of Riley was much different than the first two.  We had it scheduled on the calendar, had our boys scheduled to stay with Grandma and Grandpa, bags packed and everything.  I have to say it was pretty nice knowing that I knew the day and time when this baby would come, and so I didn’t have to worry about anxiety over when it would happen.


(A few days before baby came – around 39 weeks pregnant, feeling a bit huge and uncomfortable!)

These next few are from my maternity photo shoot (Photos by Will Thomas)




On the morning of the 16th, we got up around 4:30 a.m. in order to be at the hospital by 5:30 a.m.  Because of a planned Csection, I was required to fast the night before (no food or drink), and I think because of this it made me start having contractions that morning because I was so incredibly dehydrated.  On the way to the hospital they were about 5 minutes apart and pretty painful.

Once we got to the hospital, they got me checked in, into a hospital gown and after many attempts to get an IV in me (it took 4 different nurses), I finally got some fluids and the contractions died down.  For those of you unfamiliar with how Csections work, it is kind of dangerous to go into labor after already having had 2 Csections because of the amount of scar tissue in that area – there is a possibility of rupturing which is very dangerous for both mom and baby.

I like to refer to this as the “Stay puff marshmallow hospital gown”


They monitored the baby and I for about 2 hours and then finally we went into the operating room for the delivery of the baby!  It took almost 45 minutes for the anesthesiologist to get the spinal block into my spine and it HURT. Oh wow it hurt.  But once they got it in, I started to feel very numb from the chest down to my feet.  It is like a weird creepy crawly feeling that takes over your body. Kind of a weird feeling.  I wanted to throw up, I won’t lie. Even though they gave me anti-nausea medicine I wanted to throw up. Thankfully my anesthesiologist was on top of things and put some kind of wonder drug into my IV that calmed me right down.

These are the baby stations – so fun to look over and see them knowing that very soon a new life will be in them!


Both my OB and an assisting OB worked on the surgery/delivery…


Me trying to stay calm even though I felt like throwing up… 


And around 8:23 a.m., the most adorable little Riley was welcomed into the world.



It took another 45 – 60 minutes for the doctors to sew me up, and during that time I got to hold this precious new baby on my chest – which is not the normal procedure for Csections. Normally with our other two sons, they handed the baby to my husband and he held them while I got sewn up.  But this time it was very very special that I got to hold him and snuggle with him first. Very special.


  We stayed in the hospital for 2.5 days.  Csection recoveries are not for wimps!  But amazingly enough the nurses and doctors know what they are doing and were there to help me every step of the way. About 12 hours after delivery they had me up and out of my bed walking around in our room.  Very painful – yes I wanted to die of pain – but each time it got better and better. And of course I had my amazing husband there to help – I couldn’t have done this without him!  Csection recovery is simply not something a mommy can do alone, so he was there to change ALL the diapers, hand me the baby for feedings, get me ice water, food, and whatever I needed.


We had some special visitors while we were there as well…

(My Dad with Riley)


(My 3 year old, Taylor, with Riley and I)


(My Dad with my 5 year old, Preston, and Riley)


(Not my favorite photo, I’m a bit swollen from surgery, but here is our first family picture together – all 5 of us!)


Since Riley has joined our family, I have just absolutely been enjoying EVERY single moment of snuggles with him.  He has been the sweetest easy baby, and I am so in love…


He is now almost 5 weeks old (as I type this on April 18th).  It took me a good 3 and 1/2 weeks of downtime and recovery to be mostly pain free.  I am still taking it easy until week 6, when my doctor will clear me to go back to the gym. But I know from past experience I need to take it easy or I pay for it later.  So we’ve just been enjoying a lot of snuggles…


Riley is our last baby and so I don’t want to miss any moments with him. I have just been feeling so grateful for the miracle that he is – there was so much about my pregnancy and his delivery (some complications) that in the end made everything so incredibly miraculous and a bit too personal to share here, but I will tell you that I can’t be anything but humbled and in complete awe of him. I’m also amazed at what my body did.  I feel so incredibly blessed.

I feel so lucky to have my wonderful family – my husband and my 3 boys.  They have been so supportive of me not only with my music career, but as a wife and mommy.  My heart has been so full of joy.  Family is so important and so wonderful – I hope any of you out there who have been thinking about having a family to go for it.  It is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do or accomplish in this life. I’ll leave you with a few photos from Riley’s newborn photo shoot – taken when he was 2 weeks old. (photos by my husband – Will Thomas).







Hey, Can I Get Your Orchestral Back-Up Tracks?

1186258_10151574329411689_801381861_nQ&A TIME. I get asked almost on a daily basis if I would be willing to sell or distribute my backup orchestration tracks to people so that they can perform my songs with them for their own recitals, concerts, etc.

I sell almost all of my original compositions from all 3 albums on my website in SOLO PIANO form. I write all of my music as piano solos to start, and it is only usually after I’ve finished a song where I will add orchestration to it if I feel it needs it. I will then spend numerous hours to compose, come up with and record the orchestrations to my music. I do all of my own orchestrations. I am my own producer.

The only parts I do not do myself are beats/effects which I typically recruit help from a circle of talented musical colleagues. For example, on my album “Illumination”, I had Swedish based composer, Glen Gabriel, fill that task for me. If I have featured soloists on any songs of course those are added in later on as well. And then I have a sound engineer who then adds their magic to the album with the proper mixing and mastering. But as for the orchestrations, I mostly do those myself.

With that said, when it comes to performing my music, I totally get why many of you would want to perform the solo piano pieces with the orchestrations. If I were in your shoes I totally would want to have that power to perform with on stage or for my recital as well! It is a rush.

However, I am sorry to say I DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE THE ORCHESTRAL BACKINGS FOR MY MUSIC AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL. These are my babies. The reason for this is simple: It is because I use my orchestral backups for when I perform in my own concerts. If I sold my original back-up tracks, there would be little reason for me to put on concerts and perform my music for you guys because there would be plenty of other people who would be performing “my concert” everywhere else.  Not to mention the amount of work I put into these orchestrations – I honestly don’t think I could put a price on them.

I do know that other artists, Lindsey Stirling, for example – sells her own “karaoke” versions of the orchestral back-ups for her songs. She has hired someone to create these “B-side” orchestral backup tracks for her so that she can still use her originals in concert and still remain authentic and unduplicated. Sounds like a pretty smart idea I’d say!

While I do get quite a lot of requests for my orchestral backings through email, youtube, and Facebook – it is not enough for me to really justify spending thousands of dollars to hire someone to create, record, mix/master karaoke backup tracks for me, when I would much rather spend that money on new music videos, or a new album.

What you guys CAN do for me though is keep spreading the word about my music. Keep purchasing my CDs and sheet music. Keep listening to me on Pandora and Spotify. Just help me as an independent artist to grow so that, who knows! Maybe one day I will have extra funds to hire someone to create awesome karaoke backup tracks that you guys can perform with.

I’m truly honored that you guys love my music enough to keep asking for the back-ups, but I hope you understand why I don’t distribute them.  Thanks for supporting me as an artist – it means so much to me!  I hope to put out a couple of new albums in the next few years and also some more music videos for you!

All my best,




You may have noticed that my Facebook and Twitter feeds lately have been less about music, and more about the fact that I am currently consumed with the thing called “life”. A.k.a. having kids, making food, spending time with family, and whatnot.

I see my piano every day sitting in my living room. It says “Pssst, hey you, wanna come play me?”.

I entertain the thought, but then reality hits.

Playing with a big hard unrelenting 7 month-along baby-belly in the way makes playing the piano incredibly, utterly UN-enjoyable right now. So I pass on my 6 foot grand piano’s offer, while it sits collecting dust and probably going out of tune.

I can feel it’s sad lonely eyes staring at me as I ignore it with immense guilt.


Not only do I NOT have the desire to play right now out of physical discomfort, but it’s like I can’t get my brain to even think about music either. The desire is not there.  At ALL.

When I think about my 2014 goals, the idea of NEW music, or NEW album, or NEW music video just makes my head hurt.

Is it burn-out?


Is it the over-whelmed factor?

Oh for sure.

I remember my mom telling me that she once didn’t touch the piano for 6 years. “Impossible”, I thought. “It’s part of who she is.” I also for years judged her for giving up her music dreams during the prime of her life in order to be a stay-at-home-mom. “She gave up years of pursuing music professionally and then regretted it later in life.” I often thought to myself. “I will NEVER do that.”

Out of the 30+ years I’ve done music, about 20 of those years were strictly Classical music training, and the other 10 have been composing and producing my own music.  

The last 2 years of my life in particular have been the MOST involved.  

It has included balancing a life of 2 young children, husband, releasing a 3rd album in Q3 of 2012 (which took me 4 years to write/produce) and then spending the following year and a half promoting it with trips to Los Angeles, New Orleans and more, receiving nominations, winning awards, walking red carpets, filming music videos, performing, meeting and working with renowned musicians and producers, and being on the receiving end of many more project requests.  






1 (1)










I have worked very hard.  When I put my mind to something, I go for it.

I have always been my own producer too. I have invested years into my home studio – where I work when the inspiration hits (convenient to me as a mom with kids at home, where I can control my workload).

I have been choosy with the people I work with, how I present myself and my image, and I’ve also been very careful to TRY to maintain a sense of balance when it comes to my personal life.

I’ve somehow miraculously been able to pull off motherhood/wife during the day, and musician by night for several years.  I’ve never had a manager, or an agent, or outside funding, or a wealthy investor.  But what I HAVE had is fans and supporters of my music throughout the years to keep me going. I’m married to a super smart guy who advises me very well with how to spend the money I earn from my music and make it go further.  I’ve never gone into debt to produce an album or a project, and I have been very careful on what I spend money on – always with the intent that it is an investment towards my music and career and my family. I do a lot of things myself, and then hire out for the things that I truly do not have the talent to pull off.

It is a lot of work and things do take longer with DIY, and also balancing life.  I have thought “Wow, I am actually pulling this mommy-wife-career thing off.”


Lately as I’ve been enduring the last trimester of my 3rd pregnancy (due in 11 weeks from now), I admit, I’m FREAKING OUT just a tiny little bit.

I have found myself wondering “How in the world, do I continue to do this with a 3rd kid?? How does ANY woman in the music industry keep doing this with kids? Am I crazy??”

And then the fear of becoming my mother goes through my head quite often.  “I can’t give this up just to be a stay-at-home-mom. I’ve worked too hard.”

And yet, while I do love babies, I feel this way about pregnancy…

And yet during my 2nd pregnancy, I somehow managed to teach 30 piano students up until I was 7 months along, complete an award-winning film score and finish it 2 weeks before I delivered, as well as another commissioned project. Music just seemed to flow from me.

But this time?

Ha. Ha. Ha.

I can’t seem to get myself motivated physically, emotionally or otherwise to work on music during this 3rd pregnancy. I should say to work on my OWN music, that is. And it has sort of left me feeling…well, quite guilty and like I’m not doing enough.

I did finish some commissioned recording/composing projects and also perform a little bit up until my 5th month…

(After performing at Benaroya Hall with Grammy nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker)



And while I said “no” to many requests to perform this Christmas, I did agree do two concerts in December at 6.5 months pregnant…



But my inbox continues to fill up with messages from people almost on a daily basis asking when am I am going to come perform in their town, when am I going to hurry up and finish my songbooks of sheet music that I’ve been promising for the last year, can I collaborate with them, would I produce an album, when am I going to release a new album, when will I do a Christmas album, am I submitting to next year’s Grammys, and more.

…And while I am so incredibly flattered, I have to message them back and explain, essentially, that in all reality – I’m just a normal person with a family to look after and I have no “team” to do any of this for me and any project I do is time-consuming and they would probably have to wait.  And then wait some more. I wish I could do more, but I start to get that “I’m so overwhelmed” feeling again.

And then…

Jenni baby2

A couple of weeks ago, for the first time in my life, I actually UNDERSTOOD my mother and why she gave up what she did. And why.

And I have realized I may have completely, utterly, misjudged her for YEARS and years.

She wasn’t “giving up”. She was sacrificing.

She decided to forgo the craziness of a music career so she could enjoy the years of being a mother to my three brothers and I.  She did it because it was important to her.  And instead of me feeling sorry for her giving up her dreams, it’s taken me 36 years to realize I should be thanking her for the sacrifice she performed so that we could have a healthy full childhood.

Because you see, there is really no such thing as being “JUST a stay at home mom”, in case you didn’t know. It’s important stuff. And most of what our moms do for us we don’t even truly understand until we become parents ourselves.

So even though in this moment of time, during this “season” of my life when I am feeling overwhelmed with the idea of how to keep doing it all and doing it successfully, and often feel guilty for not living up to expectations or putting out enough new content, material, and more — I see moments like these…

Where my boys try to copy me on the piano by flipping through my book of Beethoven Sonatas and perform “duets” together….


…the time when I hired a fun babysitter (with pizza and movies!) for my two boys so I could perform at my CD release concert and have my husband there as well – but my older son cried because he wanted to come sit in my concert so badly.

I relented and let him come, and my favorite moment of the evening, hands-down, was when he came running up on stage to give me a bouquet of flowers that he and my husband got for me.  He was so bashful he was on and off before I could even give him a hug to say thank you.

It meant more to me than anything else that happened that night.


…and then afterwards he was so tired and all he wanted to do was snuggle up next to me. Not next to Dad, or Grandma, or Grandpa, but ME.


When my younger son was so excited to come see me play the violin, that he just HAD to bring his miniature violin and stand on his seat during the concert pretending to play it along with me…


And the time when he was at my parents house – and my mom heard “Help! Help me!” from the other room, only to come in and see that he had been trying to play the bass fiddle and it tipped over on him.


Preston’s very first piano lesson with me and how eager he was….


And then there are all of the moments when my mom has supported me in my music career and performed with me as well. Sometimes even though she didn’t always gush over me, I could see in her eyes that she was proud of me. And I have to say, I wouldn’t be what I am today without the years of music lessons she gave me, and again…for supporting me in my career while she gave up many years of her own.





I think of all of these things and realize, you know what, it is OKAY. For one, all those moments actually meant 100 times more to me than walking any red carpet or receiving an award.

It is okay to take a break and not meet the world’s expectations for how they define success.

It is OKAY to be enjoying my down-time.

It is okay to not be putting out a new album any time soon.

It’s okay that right now I am 90% mom/wife, and 10% musician.  Because frankly it’s extremely hard to be 100% at either all of the time.

And it’s even okay that I haven’t really practiced more than a few hours in the past couple of months on my piano.  I won’t forget how to play. The piano will be there WHEN I AM READY AGAIN. 🙂 And yes, that day will come and I will be come back strong.

But for now…being a parent is important.  And “No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home” – David O. McKay


No more apologies for “not being enough”.

No more feeling bad because I’m not busy in my music career right now.

God has a way of molding us into what we are supposed to become, even if it is not always in our own timeline or exactly how we want it.

In retrospect, it all works out perfectly how it should.


P.S.  I almost forgot, you can check out my mom’s beautiful music at http://www.carolynsouthworth.com

Jennifer Thomas Receives Top Female Artist of the Year and The Indie Award from Classical Crossover UK

Late on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, I was coming home with my family from the mountains near our home outside of Seattle after just having family photos taken when I checked my phone to see what emails I had after being out of cell range most of the day.

My inbox was completely flooded with messages, facebook posts, and more.

“Wow, that’s a lot of Merry Christmas’s”, I thought.

ccukBut then I kept seeing “Congratulations!” everywhere, and soon I realized that the 2012 Classical Crossover UK Awards had been announced and I won TWO!  “Top Female Artist of the Year”, and “The Indie Award”.  Considering my recent disappointment in not getting the Grammy nomination, to get this news really made my day. My week. My month.

Here are some of the super nice things that the editor, Nicola Jarvis, wrote about me and the list of nominees as well.

Jennifer Thomas simply oozes talent, and she puts it to good use.  Primarily a pianist, Thomas is also a violinist, producer and composer and has featured in film soundtracks and commercials.  Her 2012 release, Illumination is an album that boasts integrity and incredible intricacy in its arrangements and composition, offering a balanced track list of old and new.  It’s absolutely ridiculous how musical Thomas is – she may not have major label backing (yet) but that doesn’t stop her from producing world class music. To buy Illumination, click here.

Jennifer Thomas – Winner

Jackie Evancho – Nominee

Katherine Jenkins – Nominee

Siobhan Owen – Nominee

Hayley Westenra – Nominee

The internet is enabling independent artists to reach out to audiences in ways that were unfathomable two decades ago.  Unfortunately, an indie artist’s pathway is still blocked from major promotional appearances and accolades.  It’s too easy to give up and easy to fail, so when an indie artist earns achievement after achievement, it says much for their talent, but also their hard work and dedication.  Jennifer Thomas is an inspiring independent artist, constantly aiming higher and earning over 30 nominations or wins from various awarding bodies.  Thomas also produces top quality music; Illumination sounds like a soundtrack to a major Hollywood film – something that can only normally be achieved with the financial backing of a major record label.  It takes years to build up this kind of reputation and resources to get to where Thomas is today.  To buy Illumination, click here.


Jennifer Thomas – Winner

Siobhan Owen – Nominee

Affiniti – Nominee

Phillippa Lusty– Nominee

Naria – Nominee

Storybook Journey should be a staple in any classical crossover collection.  Whilst it’s not as technically brilliant as Jennifer Thomas‘s Illumination and not as lushly orchestrated as Jackie Evancho‘s Songs From the Silver Screen, it still shines brightest among the 2012 album releases.  The key lies in its prime idea and concept and the perfectly fitting way it is carried out.  It’s a wholesome, circular album, inspired by stories and fairytale and it’s confidently realised.  Siobhan Owen’s pure vocals, atmospheric harp playing and emotive delivery ensure its theme rings true.  The tracks have been carefully selected both thematically and commercially (a very rare feat) and the overall package of the album just puts the cherry on top.  Storybook Journey announces the arrival of Siobhan Owen as a serious artist as well as vocalist. To buy Storybook Journey, click here.

Siobhan Owen – Winner

Jennifer Thomas – Nominee

Il Volo – Nominee

Gregorian – Nominee

Jackie Evancho – Nominee

The Tenors – Nominee

David Garrett – Nominee

I came to the CCUK site late in the year. It is a website dedicated to helping the world be aware of those of us in the Classical Crossover genre.  It’s not a complete roster yet, and there is a long list of artists still waiting to be added to the site, but it is the most comprehensive site dedicated to this cause (and receives an enormous amount of hits).  I’m so honored to be among such talent, and am very excited about the awards! Thank you all for your continued support of my music. I’m not sure what 2013 will bring yet, but this was a great way to end 2012 and kick off the new year.