Vlog #10 – Q&A

I know my last post was a Q&A article, but this is a Q&A VIDEO. 🙂  All different questions. I hope you enjoy. (All questions submitted by Facebook fans).


7 responses to “Vlog #10 – Q&A

  1. Fun to see you and hear your responses to the questions. Thanks for sharing what it’s like being a composer. Good luck at the indie awards. Love your music! Wouldn’t be surprised to find your name one day in the movie screen credits of major films. The emotion in your writing has always moved me.

  2. Loved this vlog Jennifer! I loved that you took the time to answer some of the questions indepth – the 40 minutes went by fast! Illumination has been my go to album for the last couple of years anytime I’m cooking or working around the house – although ever since you recommended Tom Burgerson’s Sun album on FB sometime last year (which I absolutely love and am so glad you introduced me to him) I now timeshare between the two of you! Good luck in LA and enjoy the time you have this year decompressing and reconnecting with your muse!

    • Aw thank you Laura! I’m so happy you are still listening to Illumination, and also that you discovered Thomas Bergerson’s music as well ❤ 🙂

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