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I recently did some testing with my Facebook Fan Page and ended up with some curious results.  I’ll explain….

Stay with me here.

As a musician and recording artist, I try to stay active in the social media.

I have my Instagram


I have my Youtube channel

FB Youtube

I have Twitter (which I’m not super at)…

FB Twitter

And lastly, I have my Facebook Fan Page.

fB page

Testing Out Facebook’s New Implementations

I will tell you that for the past several years, my FB fan page has been my primary social media that I’ve focused on.  All of the others have been secondary.

I use my FB page to make big announcements. I use it to share updates, photos, music videos, and news about new music and more.

I have almost 13,000 followers on just my FB page alone and I have worked hard for those.  I have never paid for fake followers from random countries to follow my page, and I would say I have a high percentage of retention on my page and it continues to grow everyday.

However, about a month ago, I started noticing that it felt like nobody was seeing my posts.  I would get a handful of likes on a post, and it would tell me that only less than 100 out of my 13K followers saw it.

I thought that was kind of strange.

I started wondering “Ok…so did I just all of a sudden become totally lame, or is nobody seeing my posts?”

I started asking other friends who also had Pages if they were seeing the same thing.  Some were, and some weren’t.

It wasn’t a joke. I started looking into my FB Insights. As you can below, my “average” post reach was only reaching between 960 – 1345 of my 13,000 fans. This was a CONSIDERABLE drop from my insights from 2014.

FB Interactions average

Unless I PAID to boost a post, which you can see…is why the dark orange is spiked so much higher than my organic reach.

FB Interactions

And then I came across this article that FB released towards the end of 2014.  It announced that starting in 2015, they would gradually start making it so businesses with pages on FB would reach less and less of their audience.  This was in part due to a poll that FB sent around last year asking people how they can improve their experience with FB and the biggest feedback they got was that people wanted to see “less promotional content from pages”.

So to make a long story short, what this means for people like me who use Facebook to reach their fans – is basically that if I post a photo of a cat, more people will see that than if I post an announcement about my new album.

My music-related posts are literally being blocked from most of my fans being able to see them.

I decided to put this theory to a test, and for the past 3 weeks I have been posting different sorts of posts to see what interaction from my fans they received.

Here are the results…

1.  I posted about my newest Vlog on my Youtube channel.  Only 221 people saw the post, and 3 people liked it.

FB new vlog 2

2.  I decided to try posting it again, but this time not saying anything about the vlog, or anything that sounded “promotional”.  Just “Happy Monday” and the link.  297 people saw the post, and 6 people liked it.

FB new vlog 3

3.  So then I decided to post something that had nothing to do with my music, but what would be considered “personal”.  I posted a photo of my son’s bookmark he made in 1st grade on Valentine’s Day. 4,538 people saw the post, and 49 people liked it.

FB kid pic

4.  I tried links alone, with no text…

FB link alone music video

5.  I posted text only with no images, with a question/poll…

FB testing can you see this

And still…

If posted something about my Valentine’s date…

FB valentines

Or a video about my baby playing the piano…

FB video of baby

MORE people saw those posts than the ones that actually had anything to do with my music.

And when I actually posted news about upcoming concerts, which by the way I haven’t done a concert in 2 years and it is possibly THE most asked question I get. “When are you going to perform?”.  I get emails daily about this, messages, comments and tweets with this question.

So when I FINALLY make an announcement about the fact I am going to be doing some concerts pretty soon…

FB concert announcement

1,108 people saw the post (out of my 13K fans), and 72 people liked it.  Most of the people who commented are ones who have indicated they wanted to receive “notifications” of whenever I post to FB.

What does this mean?

Don’t get me wrong.  I do like Facebook, and I use it often and am SO grateful for the marketing tool it’s been to me to interact with my fans. However, the fact of the matter is that Facebook can no longer be the future for business and/or people like me with pages to stay connected with their fans. UNLESS I want to PAY to boost a post…

FB nominate paid post

And who can really afford to pay $60 – $200 per post every time just to let the people who liked our pages in the first place see our posts?

In fact, I am paying Facebook right now $200 to BOOST the post on my FB just so that you, my fans, will see this important blog post and why you should sign up for my newsletter if you want to stay connected with news about my music. And do you want to know what is sad?  $200 only reaches about 4,000 of my fans (if I set the “boost” to ONLY target my fans and no one else).

Going forward, I plan to continue to post to FB, Twitter, IG, and Youtube.  BUT if you are a follower and you actually want to see those posts?  I highly HIGHLY suggest that you sign up for my newsletter. In fact I am ASKING you to sign up. I only plan to send one out once a month at most.  And for those who are already subscribed and wondering why you haven’t received any, it’s because I haven’t sent one out in 2 years. It’s my goal to now focus on the newsletter as my primary way to reach fans.


Sign up for my newsletter

If you go to my website, you will see down in the righthand corner a link where you can subscribe to my newsletter.

FB newsletter

It will then take you to this page, where you can enter your email address.  VOILA! You’re done!

FB n ewsletter signup

You can also select to “Get Notifications” whenever I post to FB, but still, it is not as effective as receiving my newsletter in your inbox.

FB notif

This is how I will stay connected with my true fans – the ones who really do want to know when I release a new album, or a new music video.  THANK YOU all for your support, it means the world to me.

– Jennifer


13 responses to “My FB Page Testing and Why You Should Sign Up For My Newsletter

  1. Hi Jennifer, this is a great post. I see fb page posting effectiveness the same way I see twitter posts, for independent musicians. If we’re not getting at least one million organic followers (in other words, if we’re not already world famous), then we can’t expect our posts to be very noticed (especially given Facebook’s restrictive filters), though gradually, organically, post effectiveness will climb. I notice the ones who’s posts get noticed are already very famous, and they do the real person posting themselves, it’s not by some admin for them (the only reason I bring this up is by comparison you can see that a super famous person who has some third party admin doing their posts doesn’t gain the same interest as the celebrity who truly posts their own photos, videos and ideas. This is the social media factor that the ‘masses’ are most interested in; feeling like they have a piece of that (famous) person’s daily life. In my opinion, you are doing all the right things; 1. You work hard at producing great music and performances. 2. You put it out there. 3. You do interact with your audience and keep us posted about your albums, videos and performances.

  2. you are flippin’ amazing.. you are busy 10000000% of the time.. and you have the time (and talent) to put together this excellent document.. well done Jennifer.. I thought I had signed up for your newsletter (because I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t have), but I haven’t seen anything, so I’ve been missing out.. however, I’m missing out no more – consider me signed.. and a die-hard fan too..

  3. I entered my email address.. it said my email address was already on the list.. but I don’t recall getting anything.. I wonder when the last newsletter was sent..? and how often they come..? maybe nothing has been sent since I signed up a long time ago..?

    • Haha thank you Sean! You’re so awesome! And to answer (I should have put this in my post to avoid confusion), I literally like NEVER send out newsletters. I’ve been horrible at it. I have a lot of people on my mailing list, but I’ve just never really sent them out. I think the last time I sent out a newsletter was when I released my last album. BUT that is the whole discovery in my FB testing…I have realized that if I really want to reach my fans, it’s got to be direct email otherwise it’s like reaching one in a million through FB.

  4. I remember taking that FB survey . . . and I wanted less commercial content from companies that I hadn’t liked or heard of . . . not limitation of pages that I actually chose to follow! Ugh. Mark Zuckerberg, this is going to shoot you in the foot. Big time.

    Off to sign up for your newsletter. I tried on my phone, but my mobile browser kept saying “There was a problem with this page, so it was reloaded”, and I couldn’t complete the signup form. Do you have a mobile version of your site yet?

    And here’s to hoping Vern and I can make it to a couple of your concerts this year! I’m stoked!

    • Haha well according to my web designer my site IS supposed to be mobile friendly. Hmmm. Sorry about that. And about the whole FB thing, honestly, part of me wants to SEE that poll that they took, because I don’t think I believe their results. I agree with you, I think people were trying to say they didn’t want to see the sponsored ADS…not that they didn’t want to see content from the pages they liked.

    • I think they way they worded their article was a coy way to skew the results so that they can have justification to charge more. “If you want people to see anything you post, you have to pay.”

  5. Dear Jennifer,

    Is “Musical Meanderings” the name of your newsletter? I assume it is, but if not, I’ll be glad to go and sign up for it. I just didn’t want to sign up twice if they are one and the same. (I’m one of those Neanderthals without a Facebook page, so these emails, and your webpage are how I keep up with what you’re up to. How’s the house-hunting going, by-the-way? Have you moved yet?)

    ~ Tom

  6. So very interesting. I let Ryan know about your findings. No wonder hardly anyone “likes” his posts and he has just under 1,000 fans on FB. I know getting someones email is really the key. It’s now just doing it. He’ll have more time for that soon! Yay! Btw Ryan and I get email to the same address so I just added one so we don’t get double emails.

    Oh and one more thing. I totally agree with the guy above. The ads people were talking about were obviously the ads from unliked businesses. The ones we like we should be able to see. As we all know, it’s just for FB to make more $.

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