Hey, Can I Get Your Orchestral Back-Up Tracks?

1186258_10151574329411689_801381861_nQ&A TIME. I get asked almost on a daily basis if I would be willing to sell or distribute my backup orchestration tracks to people so that they can perform my songs with them for their own recitals, concerts, etc.

I sell almost all of my original compositions from all 3 albums on my website in SOLO PIANO form. I write all of my music as piano solos to start, and it is only usually after I’ve finished a song where I will add orchestration to it if I feel it needs it. I will then spend numerous hours to compose, come up with and record the orchestrations to my music. I do all of my own orchestrations. I am my own producer.

The only parts I do not do myself are beats/effects which I typically recruit help from a circle of talented musical colleagues. For example, on my album “Illumination”, I had Swedish based composer, Glen Gabriel, fill that task for me. If I have featured soloists on any songs of course those are added in later on as well. And then I have a sound engineer who then adds their magic to the album with the proper mixing and mastering. But as for the orchestrations, I mostly do those myself.

With that said, when it comes to performing my music, I totally get why many of you would want to perform the solo piano pieces with the orchestrations. If I were in your shoes I totally would want to have that power to perform with on stage or for my recital as well! It is a rush.

However, I am sorry to say I DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE THE ORCHESTRAL BACKINGS FOR MY MUSIC AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL. These are my babies. The reason for this is simple: It is because I use my orchestral backups for when I perform in my own concerts. If I sold my original back-up tracks, there would be little reason for me to put on concerts and perform my music for you guys because there would be plenty of other people who would be performing “my concert” everywhere else.  Not to mention the amount of work I put into these orchestrations – I honestly don’t think I could put a price on them.

I do know that other artists, Lindsey Stirling, for example – sells her own “karaoke” versions of the orchestral back-ups for her songs. She has hired someone to create these “B-side” orchestral backup tracks for her so that she can still use her originals in concert and still remain authentic and unduplicated. Sounds like a pretty smart idea I’d say!

While I do get quite a lot of requests for my orchestral backings through email, youtube, and Facebook – it is not enough for me to really justify spending thousands of dollars to hire someone to create, record, mix/master karaoke backup tracks for me, when I would much rather spend that money on new music videos, or a new album.

What you guys CAN do for me though is keep spreading the word about my music. Keep purchasing my CDs and sheet music. Keep listening to me on Pandora and Spotify. Just help me as an independent artist to grow so that, who knows! Maybe one day I will have extra funds to hire someone to create awesome karaoke backup tracks that you guys can perform with.

I’m truly honored that you guys love my music enough to keep asking for the back-ups, but I hope you understand why I don’t distribute them.  Thanks for supporting me as an artist – it means so much to me!  I hope to put out a couple of new albums in the next few years and also some more music videos for you!

All my best,




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