Jennifer Thomas Receives Top Female Artist of the Year and The Indie Award from Classical Crossover UK

Late on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, I was coming home with my family from the mountains near our home outside of Seattle after just having family photos taken when I checked my phone to see what emails I had after being out of cell range most of the day.

My inbox was completely flooded with messages, facebook posts, and more.

“Wow, that’s a lot of Merry Christmas’s”, I thought.

ccukBut then I kept seeing “Congratulations!” everywhere, and soon I realized that the 2012 Classical Crossover UK Awards had been announced and I won TWO!  “Top Female Artist of the Year”, and “The Indie Award”.  Considering my recent disappointment in not getting the Grammy nomination, to get this news really made my day. My week. My month.

Here are some of the super nice things that the editor, Nicola Jarvis, wrote about me and the list of nominees as well.

Jennifer Thomas simply oozes talent, and she puts it to good use.  Primarily a pianist, Thomas is also a violinist, producer and composer and has featured in film soundtracks and commercials.  Her 2012 release, Illumination is an album that boasts integrity and incredible intricacy in its arrangements and composition, offering a balanced track list of old and new.  It’s absolutely ridiculous how musical Thomas is – she may not have major label backing (yet) but that doesn’t stop her from producing world class music. To buy Illumination, click here.

Jennifer Thomas – Winner

Jackie Evancho – Nominee

Katherine Jenkins – Nominee

Siobhan Owen – Nominee

Hayley Westenra – Nominee

The internet is enabling independent artists to reach out to audiences in ways that were unfathomable two decades ago.  Unfortunately, an indie artist’s pathway is still blocked from major promotional appearances and accolades.  It’s too easy to give up and easy to fail, so when an indie artist earns achievement after achievement, it says much for their talent, but also their hard work and dedication.  Jennifer Thomas is an inspiring independent artist, constantly aiming higher and earning over 30 nominations or wins from various awarding bodies.  Thomas also produces top quality music; Illumination sounds like a soundtrack to a major Hollywood film – something that can only normally be achieved with the financial backing of a major record label.  It takes years to build up this kind of reputation and resources to get to where Thomas is today.  To buy Illumination, click here.


Jennifer Thomas – Winner

Siobhan Owen – Nominee

Affiniti – Nominee

Phillippa Lusty– Nominee

Naria – Nominee

Storybook Journey should be a staple in any classical crossover collection.  Whilst it’s not as technically brilliant as Jennifer Thomas‘s Illumination and not as lushly orchestrated as Jackie Evancho‘s Songs From the Silver Screen, it still shines brightest among the 2012 album releases.  The key lies in its prime idea and concept and the perfectly fitting way it is carried out.  It’s a wholesome, circular album, inspired by stories and fairytale and it’s confidently realised.  Siobhan Owen’s pure vocals, atmospheric harp playing and emotive delivery ensure its theme rings true.  The tracks have been carefully selected both thematically and commercially (a very rare feat) and the overall package of the album just puts the cherry on top.  Storybook Journey announces the arrival of Siobhan Owen as a serious artist as well as vocalist. To buy Storybook Journey, click here.

Siobhan Owen – Winner

Jennifer Thomas – Nominee

Il Volo – Nominee

Gregorian – Nominee

Jackie Evancho – Nominee

The Tenors – Nominee

David Garrett – Nominee

I came to the CCUK site late in the year. It is a website dedicated to helping the world be aware of those of us in the Classical Crossover genre.  It’s not a complete roster yet, and there is a long list of artists still waiting to be added to the site, but it is the most comprehensive site dedicated to this cause (and receives an enormous amount of hits).  I’m so honored to be among such talent, and am very excited about the awards! Thank you all for your continued support of my music. I’m not sure what 2013 will bring yet, but this was a great way to end 2012 and kick off the new year.


One response to “Jennifer Thomas Receives Top Female Artist of the Year and The Indie Award from Classical Crossover UK

  1. Congratulations on the two wins and the further nomination, Jennifer. You are in great company and deserve to be very proud of these! Blessings!!

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