Music Video UPDATE

A lot of people have been asking me when they can expect to see the music videos that I’ve filmed over the past couple of months. I finally have an update and so I wanted to share…

34“Requiem For a Dream” is going to be finished in January 2013 (not December as previously thought). For awesome reasons though. Ryan (the director), and Alex (the editor) have a lot of amazing footage that they’ve been going through – that was filmed on a top notch camera by the way.  They are also doing some special effects with some of the shots and it is taking some fine-tuning and a lot of hours.  But in the end, all the hard long hours will be worth it because it’s going to be a standout video and one worth waiting for.

333219_10152062364610438_1595118961_o“Moonlight” (my collab with Viktoria Tocca) possibly the end of December.  We started shooting this video at the end of the summer, and due to a lot of people involved and various schedules (mine included), it’s taken quite a while to finish filming all of the scenes that were needed.  They are still fine tuning the editing and making sure they have all of the shots needed to go with the storyline of the video.  I’m just grateful that I have been able to work with such talented people who really take care in their work to be sure the final product is as best as possible.

By the way, the song is now available for download.  You can find it on all the regular hookups like Amazon, iTunes, Cdbaby and more.

616593_10151133194391689_1095713157_o“Illumination” – And last but not least, I’m very excited to tell you that plans are underway to film a video for my song “Illumination” with the Evergreen Philharmonic. I’m actually performing with this orchestra next week, but after the new year I will go back and we will film an official music video with the orchestra.  We’re still in the planning/brainstorming phase of this project, but I can tell you it will be beautiful.

So it’s looking like 2013 will be my year for music videos. Stay tuned…


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