Diary of a Song: Across the Starlit Sky

This is the fifth of a series of blog posts entitled “Diary of a Song“, where I share the stories behind each of the songs from my new album “Illumination“.

At the end of each post, I also include a link to buy the sheet music, and the MP3 download.

Across the Starlit Sky


Across the Starlit Sky

This happens to be the only solo piano song on my new album.  It was among the last of the songs I was recording and preparing for the album, and as I listened to it over and over to try to get orchestration ideas for it (as well as listening to it in a mix with other songs), I decided this song was better by itself and the naked piano.

I wanted the listeners to create their own atmosphere for this song, and to feel like they were small beings amongst a huge universe.   Keeping the song piano-only was one way I felt that could be accomplished.

This song does not have any remarkable story behind it – other than I was just feeling very ponderous and melancholy while writing it.  I did write this song while my piano was positioned right in front of a rather large window in my living room – which at night I could see the starry sky (hence the name of the song).  I really enjoyed putting the major/minor transitions into the song.  It is a song that I really enjoying playing, because it helps me to connect to my feelings and whatever I might be thinking about at the time.

The photo that I chose to go with this song for the Cd booklet, is a picture my dad took of Mt. Rainier just before sunrise.  The funny story about this picture, is that he must have taken at least a half dozen trips to Mt. Rainier to get the perfect timelapse starry sky shot.  I really loved this particular one, but he was not happy with it – saying that it was not up to a professional photographer’s standards.  I won’t tell you all of the “flaws” he seemed to find in it, but I personally find it to be a beautiful photo and just perfect the way that it is.

A bigger view of the photo:

11September_Mt. Rainier_001

Upon staking out a spot next to the mountain to capture this photo, I believe my dad said he met a hiker who said he had been stalked by a cougar that night and so every little noise my dad would hear, he was very nervous about it being a mountain lion.

This song has received a high number of requests for the sheet music, and so pianists here it is:

across the starlit sky

You can download the SHEET MUSIC HERE:
You can download the MP3 from Amazon HERE:

You can purchase the beautiful photography HERE:


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