“Illumination” Album Cover Art Design Contest

Welcome graphic designers! 

I posed the question last week on my social networking sites if people would be interested in a contest to design my album cover for my upcoming CD.  Many people seemed to be pretty excited about it – which is very exciting – thank you.

I am always interested in you guys – the ever-so-dedicated fans of my music. I like to know what you think, what you do, what draws you to my music and more.  Many of you are always so happy and willing to contribute to ideas. Though many of you are not musicians yourself, I know that some of you are incredibly talented in other art forms.  And that is why this contest is for you!

How the Contest Works:

If you happen to be one of the interested party for this contest, then YOU will be designing the front/back cover for my album. I will provide a few different “temporary” photos for you to work with, as the official cover hasn’t been shot yet, but will be available towards the beginning of June.  These temporary photos are similar to what the final photo will look like, and represent the inspiration of what we will be trying to achieve.  I will also provide photos of the actual venue where we will be shooting, so that you can have a better feel of the colors and mood.

You design the rest.  The font, graphic design, effects, placement, any artwork, etc.  Since I will be using a digipak wrapping for the CD, the artwork needs to go from the front of the CD and wrap around to the back.  A template will be provided, as well as all the words/info that need to go on the exterior of the album.


  1. Design(s) must be submitted by midnight (wherever you are), June 1st, 2012 to me at jennifer@jenniferthomasmusic.com
  2. You can submit more than one design.
  3. Design can be created in various programs, but most helpful for me to receive final versions in Photoshop OR InDesign Files, unflattened with layers still in tact.
  4. You must download and use the template I will provide – which can be used within any of the following programs, however, I still need final version to be submitted in either PS or INDD.  (AI, CDR, EPS, FH8, FH11, INDD, P65, QXD, or QXP).  If you do not have PS or INDD, you can download a free 30 day usable trial version from Adobe.
  5. If you use any fonts that are not standard font styles, you will need to provide the font files as well.
  6. You must use all the wordage provided by me, which includes:  Album Title, Artist Name, Track Listings, Credits, and anti-piracy warning.
  7. Back of CD must include space for the following which will be inserted later:  UPC code, and label logo.
  8. If I choose your design, I reserve the right to request small changes made if necessary.
  9. I also reserve the right to NOT choose a winner if there are no designs that meet the desired result.


One winner will receive:

  1. Your design on my upcoming album – which will appear in retail and music outlets across the globe, including Amazon, iTunes, Cdbaby, Pandora, and more.
  2. $50 giftcard to my favorite online retailer – Amazon.com.
  3. Your name will appear in the credits in my CD liner notes for your design (Album artwork by:_Your name__).
  4. Credit for your design on my website, blogs, etc.
  5. A blog post highlighting YOU, your work, your website, and more. Blog post will be blasted on my Facebook and Twitter as well.

  6. 5 FREE copies of my new album for you to share with your friends and family.

One Runner-Up Winner will receive:

  1. Honorable mention on my website, blog, facebook, twitter with links to you and your website.
  2. 1 free autographed copy of the new album.

Steps to participate:

  1.  Download the following ZIP file.Jennifer Thomas Album Cover Art Design Contest PacketIt contains:
    1. Temporary working photos
    2. CD templates for your design program
    3. Text document with all words, info to be included on CD cover/back.
    4. A surprise to aide you in your work. Enjoy.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions, and good luck!

– Jennifer



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