FREE Sheet Music – “Old Movie Romance”

I finally, finally, finally just put the very first song I ever wrote into sheet music form.  It was tucked and buried in a box of old music stuff never to be found – but alas, I found it.  I must say my composing penmanship was quite remarkable then – every note is so very clear.  Now it seems like my manuscripts are scribbles as I write so much faster these days.

In honor of me finally notating this song, please enjoy the free download! Just click the link below.



8 responses to “FREE Sheet Music – “Old Movie Romance”

  1. Oh my goodness – Jennifer! I just found you! I love your music! I was listening on Pandora to ‘Key of Sea’ and I’m ordering it today. You truly have a gift. Congratulations on writing your music in sheet form! 🙂

  2. Hi Jennifer downloaded the song and have been practicing it. I am embarassed to ask but I am having trouble figuring out a good fingering for lines 44 – 48. Any suggestions or similar songs I can practice with?

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