Famous Musician Week: The Time I Met Lang Lang

This story will be short and sweet, because that is literally how our meeting was.

If you aren’t familiar with Lang Lang, he is one of the most talented and popular young concert pianists right now. He is a Golden Globe winner, and a Grammy nominee just to name a small few of his many accomplishments.  You can read more at his bio here:  http://www.langlang.com/us/biography


How I Met Lang Lang…

If you’ve been reading my stories this past week about my run-ins with celebrity musicians like Joshua Bell, Itzhak Perlman, etc, then you know that I used to work for the Seattle Symphony and that is where the majority of these incidences happened.

I was at work one day at Benaroya Hall.  I worked in the Education Department for the Symphony, and we had a special section of the building that had a small recital hall with a Boston grand piano (where I had my concert with Jace Vek – the pictures with the red background).  We also had an exploration room where children and adults could come and play instruments or sit and listen to hours of classical music if they wished.

Anyway, through the front door walks in this very trendy dressed Asian man who was very peppy and happy and talkative. He found me and just instantly started jabbering away, asking me all sorts of questions about what I did, what instruments I played, what this place was, what to do in Seattle, etc.

I have to say, I was so surprised at his outward personality that I was a little dumbfounded.  Who is this person and how much sugar did he consume this morning?? I thought.

He reached out his hand and said “I’m Lang Lang, what is your name?”.  And I said “Hi Lang Lang, I’m Jennifer.

He looked about the recital hall, didn’t play the piano (so I still had no idea at this point he was a painist, as I had never heard of Lang Lang before). And then he left.

I knew he was not just any Joe off the street, so I went online and looked at the Symphony concert calendar to see who was performing this weekend with the Symphony.  And of course it said “Guest Pianist Lang Lang with the Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwartz conducting.”


About an hour later he was back.  He very much reminded me of a little kid who just needed something to keep himself occupied.  And of course this time, knowing who he was, I just stared at him and wondered when he was going to sit down and play our piano.  He still didn’t – maybe saving his fingers for that night’s concert?

And then he was gone again.

And that, is how I accidentally unknowingly met Lang Lang.

Tomorrow I will tell you how I accidentally unknowingly met Pearl Jam.

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