See Jennifer Perform Live on Oct 1st

I am coming out of my 3 year hiatus and doing a live show.  The last time I put on a concert was in December of ’07 when I was almost 5 months pregnant.  Obviously, within the last few years having either been pregnant or taking care of a baby (I had 2 babies in 3 years), I have taken some needed time off from performing.  In that time though, I released a lullaby album and have also been brewing up a lot of new songs for my upcoming unreleased album “Illumination” (due out beginning of 2012). At the October show, I will be performing songs from Key of Sea, and The Lullaby Album, and if you behave I might perform a song or two from my upcoming album as well – that nobody has even heard yet.

The concert will be at Joe Bongiorno’s home, otherwise known as Piano Haven Studios, in Kenmore, Washington.  It’s a great intimate setting with only 30 seats available, so order your tickets now through brownpaper tickets.  Here is the link to do so is at the bottom.

Also on the program is Joe Bongiorno, and Brad Jacobsen.  We’d love to have your support and see you there!


One response to “See Jennifer Perform Live on Oct 1st

  1. Oh man. We’re going to be in Utah then (General Conference, our oldest’s first Preiesthood Session with Dad & Grandpa in the Conference Center). I hope it goes amazingly well . . . we loved seeing you play in early ’07, and I sure hope we can catch one of your upcoming shows. (In a few months, the baby will be weaned, and I could leave all of the kids with grandama . . . woah. lol)

    So, any idea on future shows? I can’t wait to see video from this one!

    Break a leg!

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