Winner in the Park City Film Music Festival!

I’m very excited to announce that I won my very first award in a film festival.  Minuet, the short film that I scored the music for last fall, has currently been making the festival circuit around the country. It debuted at its first film festival 2 weekends ago, the Park City Film Music Festival.  This was a particularly exciting festival for me as the entire event is geared around the composers of the films.  They award for the music, but the film itself also wins an award.

I’m very excited to say that my music won a Gold Medal of Excellence in Original Music in a Short Film. Whew – that was a long title!  They give out Bronze, Silver, and Gold and so I was quite excited to learn that I actually received a Gold.  This is very exciting indeed.  I have to say thank you to Ryan McNeal, the director of Minuet, and his crew for making such a beautiful film and for giving me the opportunity to work with them.  I also have to thank my family for their patience while I spent many grueling long hours on the music to get it done on time (and before I popped – as I was 9 months pregnant at the time I finished the music!).  Thanks all!

By the way, you can listen to the score on a previous blog post here.


3 responses to “Winner in the Park City Film Music Festival!

  1. Jennifer–you already know that I believe in you to created beautiful, meaningful, heartfelt music. My one gift IS to recognize excellence. Do you believe me now? Thank you for letting me into your life…you enrich it BEAUTIFULLY!

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