Playing with my Munchkins

Where’s my private studio with a lock on the door? Just teasing. This is what it’s like for me to compose and practice most of the time. Half of the time my 2 year old is hogging the keys and so I can’t even play the notes that I need to. But I encourage it because I’m teaching him to love music and I hope I never have to tell him to “stop practicing”. But I know what you’re thinking – no wonder it takes her forever to put new albums out, right? lol Thanks for still loving me 🙂

P.S. Yessss my piano needs to be tuned desperately!


2 responses to “Playing with my Munchkins

  1. You must have the patience of a saint! LOL! Your children will no doubt be musical since you’re exposing them to it so early. My mother used to play classical music for me when I was in my crib and my compositions all have a bit of a classical feel to them as well. I adore your music… it touches my soul.

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