Minuet Score Revealed

In my recent blog post about the score that I composed for the film “Minuet“, I mentioned that I would eventually get all of the cues posted so that you could listen to the score in it’s entirety.

Well, then I got extremely busy, followed by having a baby, a week later followed by another week in the hospital due to Pancreatis and Pre-Eclampsia…and then finally a break from the craziness.

For the past week and a half I’ve enjoyed being at home (instead of the hospital), I’ve enjoyed not busying myself with music projects and have just enjoyed my two adorable little boys.

Make that three adorable boys if you include this adult sized one too…

Alas, here I am though, albiet with a bit more peace of mind and a lot more energy to do things.  Like post blogs.

So without further adieu, I give you the original score (composed by Jennifer Thomas) to the short film “Minuet” by Ryan McNeal, soon to be debuting in film festivals this Fall. These tracks are unmastered, which is why I don’t feel bad about sharing the full files (otherwise I might have only done clips).

Original Score by Jennifer Thomas
Vocals performed by Poppi London

(Click on a title to listen to the track, it will pop up in your preferred media player)

By the way, Ryan (the director) and I have been still going back and forth about the titles for the cues, which is why it might come up in your player as something else (previously named, temp names, etc.)

When I Loved the Sea

The Sad Waltz
(This track was meant to be heard through an antique grammaphone, and so the track will eventually be “aged” to sound like it is, with all of the cracks and bad quality of an old record player)

A Dream Forgotten

Claire’s Ghost

My Daughter



Film Synopsis:

Cairpre (Frank Heinrich) and his granddaughter Elise (Isabel Machado) live on a shore haunted by the ghost of the granddaughter’s mother (Leann Van Mol).  Afraid of the waters that took his daughter, Cairpre keeps young Elise from the shore.  But when she follows her mother’s voice down to the very shore that claimed her, Cairpre’s world is pitched on end.  He stands to loose the only thing he has to love.

Minuet is a short film intended for festival entry.  It was filmed by a crew of 30 people over four days.  The entire production took nine months.

 Read the diary behind the process of writing this score here.


5 responses to “Minuet Score Revealed

  1. There just isn’t any limit to your ablility to create wonderful, beautiful, meaningful things. Will you be using any of these themes in future recordings?
    Yours is a beautiful soul, Jennifer Thomas!!!

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  3. How did the film MINUET do at the Park City Festival? Will it be entered in other festivals? How can one get a copy of the film?

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