Off the Grid…

Just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that I am taking a hiatus for a bit.

I will be having baby #2 soon (any day now…), and so my life is and will be consumed for a bit with all things baby and family.  I’ll be taking a couple of months off for the baby, and then eventually be getting back to work on my next album later this fall.

The film score is done. Finished it 2 weeks ago.

I’m putting the final touches on a commissioned piece of work for a vocalist.  Will have it done by tomorrow.

Just had my baby shower yesterday, and am loving going through all these tiny little boy outfits and trying to choose which one I should dress him in when we bring him home from the hospital.

Having lots of contractions and hoping labor will come soon so that I can not be pregnant anymore and finally meet the little guy…

I’ll post photos of the new baby after he arrives. 

Until then.


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