I’ll be Film Scoring this Summer

So yes, not only will I be finishing up my 3rd trimester making a baby this summer, but film scoring as well.

I’m just creating, creating, creating!  And it feels great, by the way.

Actually the timing could not be any better, because after this baby comes I’ll probably be taking the first few months off to adjust to have two children in the house, and I can’t promise much of any creativity will be coming out of me. So filling the summer with creating music and creating life will be the perfect way to spend it before life gets a tad bit more chaotic. 😉

So the film, “Minuet”, is a short film (about 10 minutes in length). It’s written and directed by student filmmaker Ryan McNeal who is currently a film student at Columbia in Chicago. 

Ryan contacted me a couple of months ago asking if I would be interested in scoring the music for his film.  My first reaction was “Meh, probably not.”  My own experience with student filmmakers has not been the best.  I don’t speak for all student filmmakers obviously, because I know there are some good ones out there. But from my experience thus far (with a few minor exceptions), they usually want you to help them for free (understandable…I remember what it’s like to be a poor college student), and their work is left to be desired.  I have seen some pretty terrible acting, bad props, bad editing, poorly written scripts, and bad very VERY bad audio quality. I’ve even seen typos in the pre-credits – which is astonishing since that is your first impression on your audience right there.

I had learned my lesson a few years ago when after agreeing to allow my music to appear on a few various student films and being so embarrassed by the outcome, that I told myself I would not agree to do any more films unless I first see the actual footage.  Simply reading the scripts was not enough for me anymore. Which, is kind of stressful for a director because they need to line up a composer as soon as possible.  If they wait until after they’ve finished shooting, they’re already in post production and still looking for someone to do the music.

So when Ryan first contacted me, I wrote him back and basically said “Look, I have  a lot of projects going on right now including a new album and some collaborations with other artists.  I really can’t agree to anything until after I see footage from your film. Plus I’m having a baby this summer and have a toddler already.  I’m just plain busy.” 

Except I’m pretty sure my email was much longer, much nicer, and much more tactful than what I just summed up.  Because I really am a nice person.  Really.

Ryan acted as a true professional.  He said he understood where I was coming from. To make a long story short, after many weeks of emails back and forth, updates, screenshots from the footage, and finally getting to see the rough cut of the film today, I have officially agreed to compose the score. 

I have been impressed by his vision.

I have been touched by his art.

And swayed by his professionalism. And yes okay all the schmoozing comments about how lovely my music is and blah blah blah blah.

Plus, I knew the film was good when it made me cry. I mean, yes I’m pregnant and hormonal but honestly I am not a crier.  I think I have cried maybe 3 times during this pregnancy. So I was honestly genuinely touched by Ryan’s film.

I hope that I can do this beautiful film justice.  This will be my first time scoring a film from scratch, and I’m actually really looking forward to it.

So here’s to a summer full of creation!


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