And now for my next creation!

This one will be due out August 20, 2010. 🙂

We’re hoping for a little girl this time.  Everything looks great.  The baby is currently measuring 9 weeks, 3 days and has a happy little pitter patter of 160 beats per minute.  It was squirming all around in the ultrasound.

By the way, I have to apologize for that ultrasound picture.  That is by far the worst one I’ve ever seen.  IF you can even see the baby in that photo, congrats. 🙂  But believe, me it’s there.  And just one thank heaven.

By the time this little one arrives, my son will be 2 years and 2 months older.  I think that is a great spacing for siblings.

On the music front, I obviously had plans to finish my next ablum, “Portraits” by the end of 2010, and given this little surprise, it’s looking like it will get done…when it gets done. But it WILL get done. That is the best part.  I am very determined, motivated, and have so many ideas for this album.  So anyway…if I am lucky, maybe the first quarter of 2011.

So anyway.  That is my big news!


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