Good News

pandora-logo2Good news!  The Lullaby Album was accepted for airplay on Pandora Internet Radio.  My first album is on Pandora and I get most of my referrers from this station. So I love it.

Anyway, the reason why I am extraspecially excited about The Lullaby Album being accepted, is because Pandora has really tightened up their submission guidelines.  Sadly they are rejecting more albums (many that are very good, too).  They also have many more requirements for artists, and you also go through a preliminary “audition” before even sending in your album.  I was nervous that the new album wouldn’t make it.  So I was indeed quite stoked when I got the acceptance email. 


Other good news, is that the raving reviews are starting to trickle in from radio promotors around the world.  Here are just a couple of the encouraging comments we have received about The Lullaby Album. (You will have to forgive some of the grammar, as some of these broadcasters are from countries where English is not their first language).

“Dear Carolyn,

Your daughter and you made a great album: wonderful and awesome arrangements, excellent and delicate performings… CONGRATS! Also, brilliant work of Jace on the orchestrations, Jillian and Lori on vocals and Paul on technical support…I prefer the second disc (solo piano) because I can realize best about your mastery on pianos. Please pass my congratulations to your daughter… and of course, I am going to share the album with my audience when I go back to the radio station after Summer holidays. 

Best wishes from Barcelona,
Francisco M. López Herrero  
La Otra Orilla on Ràdio Despí since 2002
“Hello Carolyn,
I have just emerged from a quiet,peaceful, and tranquil place which is essentially your Solo Piano C.D. it is a long time since I have been so relaxed and calm whilst listening to a piece of Music. Of course this is the very essence of the Lullaby and the purpose of the genre, and the beauty of it being that the pieces are virtually timeless. The playing is captivating and at times ethereal, and the listener is transported to his/her interpretation of the particular piece and left with their own visions and memories.
Played with such feeling the recording is quite superb, beautifully arranged and evokes clear pictures of scenarios when our own children were young and innocent. I particularly liked Dream Weaver it has a poignant and a slightly sad feel, I can envisage that Music playing as a Camera pans over the aftermath of a Battlefield, such as Picketts ill fated and ill advised charge on the third day of Gettysburg,sadness personified. Unseen Angel is also a favourite of mine,beautifully played, my Wife thought it and the other tracks were simply stunning, my next task is to put it on her I-Pod and of course mine as well.
Great work by you both, and I may have mentioned this before but an old Sports Coach once said to us “There is no substitute for Class and Talent “

Once again many congratulations to you and your daughter for a superb piece of work.

Best Regards

“I received your new CD last week and loved it. I meant to email you last week but the summer has been pretty hectic here at Interlochen and it just skipped my mind. I entered your CD into the New Age Reporter database and used two cuts on my show last Saturday.  I talked it up a little too.  I will air every song over the next few weeks.

You and Jennifer have a beautiful collection here and it’s a perfect fit for my show. Thanks so much for sharing it with me! 

Frank Slaughter
Interlochen Radio”

 “I debuted your new CD last week on my show. I was hopeful that you and Jennifer would allow me to podcast it as well. I wanted to double-check that even though you are both on the podcast roster this is a joint release and I’d feel better knowing you were both agreeable. 

I enjoy the CD a lot, even though my kids are grown and gone! I particularly love the solo piano/orchestral approach on the two discs. David Lanz did that with “Skyline Firedance” way back when. 
Thanks for checking in and great to hear from you, as always!
Jamey Osborne”

2 responses to “Good News

  1. Hooray for you both! I’m excited to hear that the Lullaby album brings such excellent reviews. It surely deserves them. :o) Hopefully it’ll make it worth the incredible effort and time you put into it . . . just listening to it, though, makes me feel it was.

    Have a great day!

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