Here’s To the Final Weeks

My Mom and I are about 2 or 3 weeks away from releasing the new album, and as the time gets closer and closer, I find myself having those thoughts again.  I’m sure every artist gets them. You know the ones I’m talking about…

Will people like the music?

Am I prepared to accept that there will be negative responses as well as positive?

Will my fans like this album as much as the last?  Will it live up to their expectations?

A friend once told me that “once an artist releases their work to the rest of the world, it is no longer theirs, but the world’s”.  As much as I dislike that philosophy, it really does ring true.  I’m always amazed to find my music popping up on new websites that I did not put there myself, or to find the hundreds of comments left on Pandora about my music, or discussions on blogs about my music.  It’s almost like I’m just a fly on the wall.  Do these people even know that I stumbled across their words or not?  Most likely – no.  The music is now the world’s to enjoy or critique, to love or dislike.

So now as we are approaching the release of The Lullaby Album,  I find myself savoring these last few weeks as the music is mine (and my mom’s) alone.  It is solely our own creation and so personal… before it is no longer ours anymore and is birthed to the world. 

I find it ironic how these last few weeks feel just like the end of  pregnancy (considering that this is a lullaby album).  You are so anxious to have it overwith after a long creation period and lots of hard work, you want to meet the baby, but at the same time you savor that last little bit of time as you know the work really begins after the baby is born. 

Here’s to the final weeks.


3 responses to “Here’s To the Final Weeks

  1. Your discription hits the nail on the head……once the music is released, you feel very exposed. I think the comments that “bug” me the most, are from people who think they “know it all” and tear what you have created to shreds. Even though comments like that are most likely made out of jealousy of some kind, it still hurts. I try to have a thick skin, but sometimes that is difficult. At least with this album, we have each other to buoy one another up…..and we know that Preston likes it!

  2. Well, you should be confident! I absolutely adore your music! I was actually introduced to it this spring when first finding Pandora. I was doing my homework when “The Tempest” came on and really caught my ears and heart. There is so much passion in your music. I am working on a story right now and am using your music to get me in the mood and inspired to write it. I also am blown away by the music in a composition sense. I dabble in writing piano music, and wanted you to know that your music inspires me there as well. This new album will be fantastic, and you should be proud that the world wishes to claim and acknowledge that piece of you.

    • Thank you so much Amanda – I’m so glad that you enjoy my music. And good luck with your writing!

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