New Computer Frustration

I’m frustrated, just a little bit.

I just bought a new computer for my music studio – which if you know anything about the type of BEEF of a computer you have to have for studio software you know it’s not cheap. 

I know I’m going to get flack from Jamey for this, but I’m a PC person. 🙂  No Mac’s for me. Yes I know Macs are more geared for artists, but that’s just how it is and I make no apologies.

Everywhere you go and research, the latest and greatest news is you have to get a 64 bit operationg system, processor, and sequencing program.  This enables you to pull huge files and run them simultaneously without freezing up your computer or a huge amount of latency.

Check.  Got all three 64 -bit areas with my new computer. 

Now the problem we have been running into is that a lot of my beautiful, wonderful, favorite and EXPENSIVE VST software programs are just not up with the game yet.  We’ve had to go to all the various websites and download update after update after update, and still some of them won’t work on a 64 bit system!


So I’ve spent all this money on a computer to make my studio time go much faster and smoother, and yet so far I haven’t been able to even use my key software packages yet.

Now we’re talking about upgrading all my software, even changing some out to a different brand (From Synthogy Ivory to EastWest Quantum Leap Pianos), but it would be a $3,000 switch.


Just wondering what other musicians are currently running on a 64 bit system, what problems you’ve had with your 32 bit software programs w/upgrades or n not and how you’ve been able to bypass them? 

Tuckered Out New Computer Owner


One response to “New Computer Frustration

  1. Loved your Bumble Bee Song! Hope to see more!
    Computer……just got a new Dell with Vista. 64 bit as yours. Very disappointed with it, can’t view many things. Sorry… my MAC though! 🙂

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