BlogTalkRadio Interview with Jace Vek

Hello Friends,

I was going to write a big ole’ post about this, but Jace already did a way better job explaining it than I could ever do….so I’m reposting what he wrote on his blog.  In a word – join the radio partyline next Wednesday 3pm EST.  See below…
“Well, maybe its not a party-

But it is a Blog Talk Radio show about new age music! And I am the host… Thats worth a hip hip hooray or two right?!

On Wednesday, April 22, my new Blog Talk Radio show, “Jace Vek Live” will be debuting. The show will regularly feature beautiful music by incredible new age and neo classical artists, including and not limited to symphonic, ambient, electro-acoustic-fusion, solo piano, guitar, trumpet, and the kitchen sink. (figuratively speaking of course)Jennifer Thomas, Piano virtuoso and symphonic composer. We’ll be playing pieces from her album, “Key of Sea” and a sneak from her upcoming album release with her Mom Carolyn Southworth (another incredible pianist- composer… it runs in their family lol)- Their new CD is a beautiful new lullaby album that is going to be released very very soon.

Each week we will feature another special guest artist on the show, Our first show, (next wednesday) will feature none other than the incredible

Remember- not only can you hear the latest music from you favorite new age artists here, but it is also a talk show… 🙂 If you ever wanted to connect with the artists that make the music you love, here is your chance to call in during the show and say hello! Jennifer and I would like to meet you.

So please stop by the show page for “Jace Vek Live”, and mark your calendars for Next Wednesday April 22, @3:00pm Eastern, Standard Time for out very first show.”


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