Lullaby Album Update

Just a little update about The Lullaby Album. While we had hoped to have had this project done by Valentine’s Day, we realized that date wasn’t feasible for us. For many reasons – for one, we really want to do it right and by rushing it, well, it wasn’t getting done right. So we finally decided that it “will get done when it is done.”

We also had to do a little switch-a-roo with studio engineers. We are now working with Grammy Award Nominated Producer, Paul Speer. He produced my mother’s first album and did a rather stellar job on that one, so we of course have no doubts that he will make this album sound just as great. (By way of clarification, Paul is not producing the album, but is doing the engineering. The album is being produced by my mother and myself.)

We’ve also re-done a couple of the songs – as after we had recorded them we weren’t happy with how they were sounding. One song, was even completely scratched and was completely re-written.

While this project started out as a “mini” project, it has now blossomed into a full-fledged full-length album with all the works. Emmy Award winning composer Jace Vek is on board with us, with additional orchestrations by him added to 3 of the songs. Ourstage Grand Prize Winner Jillian Goldin is also on board, as her lovely vocals will be featured on a bonus track on the lullaby “Sweet Dreams”.

So as of right now, we are finishing up the editting on the recordings and continuing to add the orchestration little by little. We hope to have some final clips up soon for you to listen to.

It has been such a pleasure to work on this album with my mother. And at such a special time in my own life – with my little son just turning 8 months old. I can truly say that these songs have been tried and tested in my home on my own baby. I can tell though that my heart is longing to get back into my more passionate side of music writing though, as the last couple lullabies I wrote I really had to “scale down” the excessiveness. There were times when I just wanted to bust out the beats, the passionate string sections and that oh-so-enrapturing bass on the piano…and to stop, rewrite, and remember that this music is to soothe and hopefully lull babies to sleep.

I can say though, after working countless hours on this upcoming album, that I will no longer put deadilnes on myself for any future projects. I know there are artists out there who put out a new album every 6 months to a year. But trying to force creativity under the pressure of a forthcoming date does not always make the best music or the happiest of families. πŸ™‚ And family comes first (which again, is another reason why we decided that this album will get done…when it gets done).

One last thing I failed to mention, I am having an extremely hard time securing the mechanical license for my arrangement that I wrote of Billy Joel’s “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)”. I have gone through so many different people and have only run into dead ends thus far. I feel strongly about this song and my arrangement of it is probably one of my favorite going on the album, and so cross your fingers for me (and pray) that I will soon get permission from Mr. Joel to use this beautiful song on the album.

Well that is all for now!


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