My Little Maestro

The maestro slowly lifts his arms up high as he prepares to bring them down to the ivory keys to effortlessly play his grandioso concerto. 

His audience waits in longing anticipation.


And BOOM the first note whisks away the hearts of listeners throughout the concert hall…


He looks over to his audience for loving approval of his musical creation…and to make sure they are still listening.


And then pauses as he holds one long, long, LONG note because he…..uh…because he got sidetracked and tired. 

The maestro will now interrupt this concerto to take a little snackie and a nap.

Yes, that is my little 7 and 1/2 month old, Preston. I just had to share what a little pianist he is.  Preston has been hearing the sound of a piano since he was in the womb – even shared the concert stage with me a few times while I was pregnant. 

And now he can’t get enough of it. He knows exactly what to do with a piano.




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