Googling Myself

Do you ever Google yourself and see what comes up? 

Will just introduced me to “Google Alerts” where you can have links emailed to you where your name is discussed.  For an artist, it’s just a great way to read what is being said about your music.

Well today was the first time I used Google Alert.  Holy cow, I didn’t realize how nervous I would be to click on some of these links.  I mean I realize as an artist I have had to develop a thick skin and take both good and bad comments about my music, but this Google Alert thing makes me feel like I am spying on people’s secret conversations about me or something. Who knows what I will read!

Today’s entertainment was stumbling across a blog where a gentleman said he had stumbled across my website and though he wasn’t a fan of every song he loved “A Beautiful Storm” and encouraged others to check out my site.  And then underneath I saw the list of comments.

So I took a deep breath and decided to check out the comments too.

It was all very positive, one person even said I was drop dead gorgeous (thank you anonymous commenter!).  But the thing that really made me laugh was how some of this guy’s commenters said they hated classical music…that it made them sick, or hurt their ears.  Another commented that “…though I don’t enjoy Classical music, I really like John Tesh.” 

Okay, John Tesh and Classical do not even belong in the same sentence.

And then I was like, “Since when has my music been Classical??”

Sorry to tease the undereducated music listeners out there, but just because music has accoustical piano in it does not mean it is “Classical”.  I mean I could get really technical and point out that people generalize the term “Classical” so much that they don’t even realize that true Classical music is music written between the years 1750 – 1820.  Beethoven?  Nope not a Classical composer.  He was a Classical Crossover as most of his music was written in the Romantic era.

I really hope that people are not not giving my music a chance because they fear it is “Classical”.  LOL Is it because on my website I classify my music as “New Age Classical”? 

I think when I redo my website in 2009 I’m gunna have to come up with a better description of my genre/style.  Any ideas?

Anyway.  That is beside the point.  I don’t even have a point.  Just Google yourself.  What have YOU learned about yourself on the web? LOL


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