Me Lately

Okay….well I just spent the last hour typing up a great blog for you, hit ‘post blog’ and POOF.  It disappeared into MySpace Cyber Kingdom.


I am not even going to attempt to retype it all again. So in a nutshell, here is what I wrote.

Life has been busy.  Juggling motherhood and a music career is hard. 🙂  So motherhood comes first right now, music career second.  Plus my little guy is so adorable and I’m just loving spending time with him right now.

The lullaby album is still in the works.  Probably not done for Fall though, most likely this winter.  We’re also putting together a video showing the process of it all coming together.  Should be fun.

My album Portraits is still in the works for hopefully a fall or winter 2009 release.  But like I said, being a new mom means a lot of things don’t happen as I plan them.  So in the end, the album will come out when it comes out. 🙂 I’m really excited for it though.  My photographer already has some really great shots that we’re going to use.  (quick recap – the album is themed around the Northwest landscape).

I’ve had some nice licensing opportunities lately – so cool beans to that.

Keep reminding me about sheet music. It’s just one of those projects that is on the very very backburner.  But your requests to get it done does help remind me.  So keep them coming.

Last of all, if you have time today (Sept 30th) I would love your support of my track ‘Fly Away’ as it is currently competing on ourstage in the Finals.  $5,000 is at stake here for me, so it is sort of a big deal.  Hop on over to to start casting your votes.  You can vote up until midnight tonight (Eastern).

All right folks, that is the short and sweet condensed version.  Maybe it was just meant to be!!  It’s much faster to read. 🙂




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