Goodbye Pandora?

So in my newsletter that I got yesterday, I read that Pandora might be going under due to them having to payout 70% of their revenues to royalties.

This whole internet radio royalty thing is like biting the hand that feeds you.  Well except that Pandora is forced to feed us ($), but I was more referring to the nourishment we artists receive from Pandora by introducing our music to thousands of listeners who otherwise might not have heard it – thanks to their smart technology.

Anyway I’m sad.  I would gladly forfeit any royalties Pandora owes me if it meant they could stay afloat. Its not worth it to me to lose all those possible cd sales and fans just to get a stupid check from ASCAP for a small royalty payment and to have Pandora go under.

Not to mention that a good majority of my CD collection are indie artists that I’d never heard of until I found Pandora.

Bah humbug.


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