Announcement: New Album Coming!

Dear Friends,

I am excited to let you all know that my mother, Carolyn Southworth, and I are collaborating on a new album together and are planning to release it late this Fall 2008.

The album is going to be a collection of lullabies.  Some old, some you know, and some that will be original works by each of us.  The album is intended mainly for the use of helping babies sleep – it will be something parents can play in the cd player in the nursury to help calm. relax, and soothe..

Since the birth of my own first baby this summer, I have been interested to observe what kinds of music do and don’t appeal to him.  I think I have a fairly good idea now of what is working with him. This, as well as many requests for this album, is what fueled the idea. 

My mom and I have always talked about doing something together but never could come up with something where our eclectic styles could fully come together seamlessly.  Until now.

While I am still hard at work on my own 2nd album (to be released Fall of ’09), this lullaby album is going to be a seperate smaller project that we plan to release within the next few months.  First digitally, and then possibly physically at some point later on.  Or we do a short run of hard copies at first.  We haven’t decided.

– Jennifernewalbum


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