Now that I have the whole pregnancy thing finally out of the way, I am slowly diving back into music. Although it is a very slow process – seeing how I have a newborn around 24/7.

Starting in August, I will be teaching my select few students again – who have endured a 2 month forced hiatus while I was on “maternity leave”. I have missed them, so I’m looking forward to see their little fingers on the piano again. And their smiling faces of course.

A fun piece of news – my song “Fly Away” will be featured in an upcoming ski film called Reasons, made by Poor Boyz Productions. They are one of the leading ski filmmakers in the country. As an avid skier myself, I am pretty excited about this. Especially since a lot of these types of films tend to be music videos with athletes doing incredible feats in slow motion – often times in sinc to the music. I have sat through many of these films over the years and the music truly drives a lot of these scenes and gets the audience pumped (usually full of ski bums and sports enthusiasts). So I am really excited to see my song in the film at the October premiere here in Seattle.


“Fly Away” also won #3 overall in the Finals Round of the Ourstage.com competition in May. I don’t know what it is about that song – it was by far one of the easiest I’ve written, and yet it wins all the awards and gets all the movie licensing deals. (The ski film will be its third film).

Anyway, it competed against about 45,000 other songs…so #3 is an honor. I would still like to get #1 though 🙂 So if you have time, please please pretty please vote for me on ourstage – as it helps my standings (huge smile). This is a competition among independent musicians and the winner each month gets not only cash prizes, but promotions, sessions with music biz gurus and more. I won the #1 spot for the Instrumental genre in May so my prize was $100 bucks. Woot! I bought some trip-hop groove samples (music software) with the money. Oh, and a pair of Nike shoes that I found at the Nike Outlet. But to win the #1 grand prize would mean a $5,000 prize and it would help me to cross off a few items on my “I need this for my next album” list. 🙂


My song “Somewhere” will be appearing in a non-profit promo for orphanages and schools for the children in Sudan (Sudanese American Orphaned Rehabilitation Organization).

I have no concert scheduled as of yet. But I have had requests. Soon…very soon.

Last of all, I can tell you now that the new album is in the works. I am only announcing this here, but the title of the new album is going to be “Portraits”. It is going to involve an eye catching array of photography from around the great Northwest. Each song is intended to be sort of a “film score” for each photo – thus inviting the listener to really draw themselves into the landscape and hear what they see. This album will be very cohesive so each song melts into the next. I will be working on this project for the entire next year, and am hoping to have a release date of August 2009. Along with the new album, I will also be releasing an entirely new website as well.

That is all the news for now folks. I do keep my MySpace blog updated though if you would like to keep tabs on lesser important bits of my news, my ramblings, or funny observations. It’s all there.

As always, please feel free to send me an email if you ever have questions or comments. Have a great summer everyone!


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