Ourstage Competition: Thank you!

6/1/08 – THANK YOU!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who helped support my music this week in the Ourstage.com competition.  I ended up winning the following:

Number 3 OVERALL in the Finals (there were 29, 161 entries on the site for the month of May, so 3 ain’t too shabby!)

Number 2 in Solo Instrumental (Won an award for “Top 10” for this category)

Number 1 in Instrumental (Won the Channel Award)

Well, I have to say it was a fun day watching the stats on all of the voting for the finals. I honestly did not think I would end up in the top 20, let alone the top 10 since I was competing against all of the other number 1 winners in each genre (46 genres). But I finished at 3 overall. That is pretty cool and humbling – there were a LOT of talented people in there. I am honored to have had the chance to compete.

I just uploaded some new selections that I’ve entered for June. This will be my second month competing on ourstage, so I’m curious to try out some other genres. For May I only had entered 3 songs into Instrumental, Solo Instrumental, and New Age/World – not having any idea how I would fair in any of those categories. Now that I’ve gotten my “feet wet”, I think I will try some more aggressive categories.

As for the baby update because many of you have asked – I’m due any day now.  It’s been an extremely LONG 9 months and I’m pretty much sick of pregnancy.  My feet are swollen, my hands are swollen…well, pretty much my entire body feels swollen.  I’m achey and cranky and my poor husband even puts up with me and massages my back and my feet and makes me dinner! 🙂  Love that guy.

No baby as of yet though – I think the little guy thinks he is going to stay in my tummy forever- and that just won’t fly with me!  He has been served an eviction notice.  If he even thinks about going over my duedate I will seriously cry. 

His “official” duedate isn’t until Sunday the 8th, but I’m beginning to learn that that is just a number on a calendar that pretty much doesn’t have much meaning to babies. They come when they want.

Anyway – thanks again for all your support.  Hopefully you are all well and getting ready to have an awesome summer pretty soon.  I really appreciate all the support of my music. I couldn’t do this without that, so thanks a million.

– Jennifer

P.S. I’ll be releasing a new album in August of 2009, just by way of information.


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