Ourstage: I Could Use Your Votes :)

Hello Friends –

I really need your help and support today and tomorrow.  Two of my songs are competing in the Semi-Finals on ourstage.com.  This is a really cool site where indie artists can compete in thier genres against each other for cash prizes, gigs, and other cool stuff.

Right now “Fly Away” is the number 1 song in the Instrumental genre, and “A Beautiful Storm” is number 2 in the Solo Intrumental.


Today (Friday) is the last day you can vote for me in the semi-finals up until midnight (EST).  EVERY vote counts and helps me to get closer to winning this stage.  I need to secure the number 1 spot (in either or both) categories to go on to competing in the FINAL round tomorrow.  The Final round is where the number 1 song from every genre competes against each other for the grand prize – which involves a $5,000 cash prize, promotions, mentor sessions with industry guru’s, etc.

What YOU can do, as my friend, to help me:

– You will need to vote in 2 seperate genres (it’s easy if you have two web pages open).  (Right now “A Beautiful Storm” is a little behind in the 2 spot and could use some help 😉

– Songs from all of the Top 10 artists will randomly pop up to battle each other. You just have to listen to each song for a minimum of 15 seconds each, and then vote.  When my songs pop up randomly to battle against the other top 10 artists, you just need to vote for me.   (thank you, thank you, thank you)

– Tip: Once you have already listened to a song, if it pops up again you don’t have to re-listen to it. You can just go ahead and keep voting (this saves time).  My song will come up multiple times randomly, so don’t stop voting after you see me on there just once! The more times you can vote for me – the more it helps my standings!

– If I end up winning the number 1 spots in one or both genres – please continue voting for me tomorrow (Saturday) in the Final Round (I’ll post another blog if that happens).  Even if I do make it to the Final Rounds, I would be competing against genres like Hip Hop, Pop, and Techno – which for a newage pianist like me – would be pretty hard to top.  It would really be saying something to beat out those genres. So I NEED your support!

– Sign up to be in my “Fan Club” on ourtage.com and if I win the Final grand prize, I will make my entire album available for free digital mp3 download for one week exclusively only for my Fan Club.

– Read the instructions on the banners below and follow the two links to vote in the two genres:

– Thank you guys so much!!  This means a lot to me.



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