Sheet Music Question to other Artist: Is it Worth it?

If you’re a composer/musician, I need your advice on something.

For the past year I have had several, okay, COUNTLESS requests to publish sheet music of my songs from my album Key of Sea.  Being mainly piano-based, these songs would be great for other pianists or students to learn and play.

Right now, my entire album is notated in my own scribbly handwriting in a manuscript book.  I’ve slowly been entering in the music (using Finale), but it is a time consuming project. 

I am just wondering something though – from those of you who have published sheetmusic of your compositions.  Have you found that it has increased your overall sales and popularity?  Have you ever regretted publishing your music?

My questions stem from a situation that I learned about that happened to fellow pianist/composer Jon Schmidt.  Apparently, there was a man in Florida who was putting on concerts and playing Jon’s music and claiming that it was his own (Jon has several published music books of his piano compositions).  I can’t remember the details, but I think this fraud was even going by the name Jon Schmidt.  Jon was only alerted to the situation when a fan recognized the music and turned the guy in.

Not that I think this is a common occurance, but I have to admit I do have my own reservations about publishing my music in sheetmusic form.  So I am just wanting some feedback from you other musicians if you think the process is really worth it?


– Jennifer


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