The End is in Sight

yes I’m still around and yes I’m still pregnant.


Only about 5 and 1/2 more weeks until my duedate….I am literally counting down the days.   I am so huge and uncomfortable.  Now I know why pregnancy is so awful those last few weeks…to make it so women actually look forward to going into labor!

I figure if I keep concentrating on a date that is about 2 weeks earlier than my actual duedate that somehow my thoughts will trickle down to the little resident tenant in my belly and he’ll take the hint. (that would mean only about 3 and 1/2 more weeks away)

And yep – I put this pic up on my profile so that I can sit there and look at it and reminisce of how flat my stomach used to be. LOL

Just a short list of things I’m excited about –

– Looking forward to touching my toes again

– Being able to bend over and pick things up without grunting in pain

– Being able to do a long list of things to do – and all in one day.  Today I had about 10 items, got about 2 of them done and felt it was the accomplishment of the century.  Not to mention it took me ALL day to do those 2 things.  And my back is killing me

– Being able to sleep in my tummy again

– Eat RAW cookie dough (yummmm)

– Not have people constantly asking me when I’m due, how I’m feeling, if they can touch my belly, feel the baby kick, if I’ve got the nursery set up yet and soooo many other questions I’m so tired of answering LOL

Most of all I’m just excited to not feel like complete and utter poo anymore!

So there you have it. An update about me.  Anyone feel like coming over to massage my feet, give me a back rub and clean my house for me I will love you forever and dedicate my next song to you.




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