Finally! An Update about Me

Hey everyone – I have been playing it pretty low-key lately, so sorry if I’ve been nonexistent or horrible at answering messages/comments.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support of my music though – it really does mean a great deal to me.

I thought it was time I gave a little update though – so here ya go!

For anyone who didn’t know, I’m pregnant and due the first week in June. So my whole plan for the first part of 2008 was to take a maternity leave from music and working in general.  It’s been really great and relaxing.  I had a few requests to do a couple of concerts in January, but had to say no.  Actually, they were the easiest no’s I’ve ever given.

The good news is that we found out that we are going to be having a baby BOY.  He’s healthy and the pregnancy has been going well in that respect. 

I have not been feeling the best though, so I’m anxiously awaiting June to get arrive, have our little bundle of joy arrive, and to get fully recovered and have my ‘normal’ body back again.  The little linebacker has caused me two dislocated ribs – which have made it sort of hard to be at the piano for very long.

I have been wanting to get some new songs written for a new album during my leave-of-absence, but it seems as though pregnancy has eaten my brain and the creativity has just not been there. lol.  Either that or I’ve been so consumed with baby things, but maybe that is a good thing since I’d never thought much about baby things before? 

Anyway, so that is the update with me. 2007 was a busy year promoting the album and performing, so I’m really relishing in this off-time.  And I’ll try to do better and responding and commenting. 🙂  Promise.

Hope everyone else is healthy and happy!



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