What I’ve Been Up To

Well, just so you all don’t think I’ve fallen off the planet because I haven’t written any new music in a while, I thought I would fill you in on what I’m up to and what I’m going to be up to.

2007 was a great year for my debut album, and I feel like I worked my rear off promoting that darn thing.  I played several concerts around the northwest, featured in a few newspapers, even had the album personally delivered to the Grammy committee in LA for entrance and on recommendation by Michael Hoppe (but unfortunately it did not meet the deadline).  I’ve also met many wonderful musicians and artists this year and have learned a great deal.

And through it all, I would frequently get the question “When are you going to do another album?”

“So soon????” I would think inside my head, wondering just how crazy these people were.  Did they really have any idea how much time, effort, and money goes into making an independent album?

I honestly thought this would be my one and only album.  I did it, I accomplished my goal, it went well and that was it. I never set out on this to become famous or anything, just to acheive one of my personal goals and to do it well.

Well, all of the concerts and commotion has settled down (much to my liking too) and I enjoyed a nice Christmas break with my husband and my family.  I got to go on several long walks down our road where we live – with the tall thick evergreen trees around, cloudy skies and sprinkles of rain on my head. 

When one day I started thinking about an album idea that I had actually been toying with for several months.  The next day, the idea came back again. Pictures, colors, ideas, sounds, instruments all started to flood my brain.  I got excited.

After many long walks and plenty of time to ponder over this, and given how exciting the idea is to me – it must mean something.  I decided that I will work on a new album. 

But unlike the first album where I was under a tight deadline to finish it, this time I am going to do it in my time.  I am going to take my “maternity leave” over the next several months and work on this idea some more, and start coming up with some themes and melodies. I am thinking that by early 2009 it might be ready to record.  But only if it’s ready. 🙂

I am not going to divulge yet on what this album will be, but I can say that it will only (hopefully) improve upon the first album.  I want to incorporate more instruments, more down-tempo beats. I also want to use my violin as a solo instrument as well – with some very cool effects that I’ve recently stumbled upon. And I can only hope to stretch my technical abilities on the piano for this project – to go beyond my comfort zone and improve as a musican, composer, and a performer. 

So there you have it.  What I’m up to. 

– Jen


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