Ok so I don’t normally talk bad about other artists, but I had an experience last week that finally just made me want to scream.  Perhaps it’s the pregnancy hormones and people annoy me more than usual? lol

Nahhhh. This actually happened and it had nothing to do with my hormones.

I am not going to name any names, but I’m simply writing this blog to complain about one of my biggest pet peeves:  Artists who think they are so good that they are on a higher level than other artists.

Last Friday I was invited by one of my musical collegues to attend a special PBS recording of his concert.  It was absolutely beautiful – I sat in the front row and thoroughly enjoyed this Grammy nominated artist’s music.  Afterwards, as everyone was mingling, I went and spoke with another artist who participated in the concert, who has also won a Grammy award.  I’ve known this person for a while through some family connections and she is one of the sweetest, talented, funniest people I know.  In the midst of our conversation she says “Oh, I need to introduce you to ______!”

And thus came 5 minutes of my lifetime that I hope I never have to endure again.

This other artist that I was introduced to, whom I had never heard of before by the way, was so incredibly rude to me and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I deserved such treatment!  They acted as if they were so famous and well-known that they were too good to be talking to me.  And I even got the impression that they thought I was just another person trying to “rub shoulders” to get in the “in crowd” or something, which is totally not my style nor do I even care about stuff like that.  And again, especially if I didn’t even know who this person was to begin wtih.

As my friend went on to tell this person a few things about me, this person then went on to reiterate back to me, completely all wrong and twisted, what they thought they had heard – and all in a way that seemed to me like they were trying to insult me. 

All I could do was make a nice joke of it to make light of the situation – as to which the person never cracked a smile and continued to stare at me with an expression that said “Why are you still talking to me?”

I then graciously said “It was nice to meet you.” and turned around and walked away.

Seriously…what did I do?? LOL

I then waited for my friend (who did the PBS special) to finish talking with some people so that I could say hello. He saw me and greeted with me with a big “Hi Jennifer!!” and gave me the hugest hug and a kiss on the cheek, put his hand on my belly and asked how the baby was doing and told everyone standing around what a wonderful pianist I was. 

Hmmm.  It’s like that one kids song that goes “One thing is not like the other…”.  One artist is not like the other. 

And I’d much rather mingle with folks who at least have a sense of humility about them no matter if they have won Grammy awards or not.  There is just no reason for any artist to ever act so rudely to another artist. I just don’t get where those attitudes comes from.


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