Concert Report: Seattle, WA with Jace Vek

Ahhhh.   That is how I feel today.  After a busy season of concerts, I feel so relaxed today knowing that my major performances are over.  And this past weekend was one I have been really looking forward to for a while. I’m sad that it’s over already.

Jace Vek and I performed together in downtown Seattle to a sold out crowd.  We’d been planning this concert for a few months, and so it was with much anticipation that the evening finally came.

Jennifer Thomas with Jace Vek

We enjoyed showing my hometown to Jace – he was particularly surprised by the size of the mountains all around.  I guess in PA their highest mountain is like 3,000 (compared to our Mt. Rainier at 14, 450 ft). 

The concert was Saturday night, December 8th down at Benaroya Hall in the “Soundbridge” recital hall – which was a very intimate room for 60 people.  I started the concert off with a few songs (“You By My Side”, “A Beautiful Storm”, and…uh, I don’t remember. LOL). Jace came up after and played “Jennifer’s Largo”, “The Mariner’s Theme”, and “Toccata in G Major”. We switched on and off with each other until we stopped for a short intermission.  And then I came back and performed “Boogie Woogie Bumble Bee”, “Romance Theme”, “Will’s Song”, and a recently composed rendition of “What Child Is This/Carol of the Bells”. Jace finished it off with “Thadet Variations” and “O Holy Night”.

My friend, Ali Mohsenian, filmed the concert in HD and is currently editing it.  Once I get the footage back from him, I will post some clips. 

It was so much fun performing with Jace. I love his music, he is such a great person inside and out – and of course, not to mention he is an amazing musician as well – and his music is beautiful. I have to admit, I was a little nervous to perform with him…until he admited he felt the same about me. So we got that confession out of the way and then just decided to enjoy ourselves.  The nerves wore off and I think the audience truly enjoyed our music and we surely had a great connecting with them, making them laugh and cry, and performing for them.

I truly look forward to performing with Jace again sometime next year after I have my baby.  We are tentatively planning on doing another concert together back east sometime next Fall – so stay tuned. (my baby is due June 8th, so perhaps in August or September).

Jace, Seattle loved you and you are welcome anytime.   😉

Jace Vek

Jennifer Thomas

Jace Vek

Jace Vek

Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas and Jace Vek


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