Free Download: O Holy Night

Hey Everyone,

I’ve finally emerged from my “cave” after spending numerous hours working on my latest creation “O Holy Night”, which also happens to be a collaberation with Lori-ann Cunningham (No Escape).  Her vocals are amazing on this and she brings a perfect blend of classical and freshness to this timeless Christmas song.

I wrote the arrangement to perform in an upcoming Christmas concert on the 16th, except for the concert it will just be piano and voice (sung my Erika Nisbet, also featured on my album ‘Key of Sea’).  So to hear it with the full orchestra is exciting and I wanted to share it with everyone – which is why Lori-ann and I decided to offer it as a free download as our Christmas present to everyone.

Lori-ann worked on the vocals in her studio down in Utah, while I worked on the orchestration and piano up here in Seattle. And thanks to the miracle of modern technology we’re able to mix everything without ever being in the same room together.  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!



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