Salt Lake City – Only a Handful of Tickets Left!

For any of my friends who are in the Salt Lake City area, Michele McLaughlin and I are doing a concert next Saturday night – the 24th at 7pm.  We only have a handful of tickets left available – some of you have been saying you would like to come, but if you don’t hurry and order tickets you won’t have a seat.  This venue only has a certain amount of seats and once they are sold out- that’s it.

Order tickets online exclusivley at:


Saturday, November 24th, 2007 (Thanksgiving weekend)- 7:00 p.m.

$5.00 per person

One evening only, two talented women, one Fazioli piano.

You’ll already have stuffed yourself with turkey and pumpkin pie, and be bored of playing Phase Ten for the hundredth time with your cousins. Spend your Thanksgiving Saturday night the classy way…

Don’t miss this opportunity to see Jennifer and Michele play live together on one of the most amazing pianos in the world and in one of the best intimate concert venues in Salt Lake City. Order your e-tickets exclusively here. Seating is limited, so order now! You will receive your tickets via email. Just print and bring with you to the door. Children 6 and up are invited.


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