Idaho Concert

I just returned from Idaho, where I visited for two purposes:

1- To attend an alumni concert for my college, BYU-I (I played the violin in the college symphony for 2 years)


2 – To put on my own concert in Idaho Falls at the Piano Gallery

Besides the long and boring drive across the desert and sagebrush of Eastern Oregon and Idaho, it was a great weekend.  It was a bit weird to be back on campus, because it has changed so much.  But it was good – good to see old friends, collegues, to pass by the apartment complex I used to live in while going to school (glad to see it’s still there amidst all the new campus construction!).

My concert went well – I was only expecting a small crowd, but to my surprise we had so many show up we had to set up additional chairs to accomodate those standing in the back.  I also got my first standing ovation which was kind of cool!  My good friend Michele McLaughlin came up from Salt Lake City for the concert as I asked her to participate as my special guest artist.  She performed 4 songs from her new CD that will be out next month.

Michele McLaughlin and I at my Idaho Falls Concert

Michele McLaughlin and I at my Idaho Falls Concert

Next concert will be in Salt Lake City on November 24th, with Michele again.  I’m so excited to play on a  Fazioli piano……ahhhh see me drooling already?  And then in December – I’ve got two.  Jace Vek and I will perform on the 8th in downtown Seattle, and then I’ve got my annual Christmas concert on the 16th which I will be debuting my rendition of “O Holy Night” for soprano and piano (It’s not the boring piano accompaniment, but more of a duet featuring both).

Next week: I will have some exciting news to tell you all. Stay tuned…



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