New Song – “Last Hope”

Well, it was about time I posted some new songs on my page.  “Last Hope” is a theme I’ve been working on for a film project, going along with a storyline where a wife loses her husband in a carcrash.  I’ve only seen a portion of the clips thus far, where the wife just arrives home from the hospital after seeing her husband pass.  Yes, heart wrenching but I love writing music where I can really utilize minor keys and make it very emotional.  The solo piano represents the woman’s heartache and lonliness.

The other, “Muczynski Scherzo, Op. 13”, is just a recording of me performing a piece by Robert Muczynski from his Suite for Piano.  Some of you have asked about my classical background, so I thought I would just put a piece up that I did back in college when I was studying piano. It’s very 20th century, so if you’re not a lover of contemporary classical composers, it’s probably not for you. lol.

Hope you enjoy!

– J


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