The Rest of 2007

It always surprises me just how fast time goes by.  It’s already almost Fall, and before we know it 2007 will turn into 2008!

So here is what I’m planning to do with the rest of my 2007:

1.  Perform, perform, perform!  I am starting to book multiple gigs both locally and out of state in the next coming months. 

In late October I will be in Idaho for an alumni concert at my Alma Mater – Brigham Young University – Idaho.  One of my music professors is retiring after conducting the orchestra for 27 years, and so with the great tradition of my college’s Halloween concerts each year, he is going out in style playing his infamous role as Dracula.  He has organized a special concert for all alumni for the past 27 years along with a dinner later in the evening.

I thought since I would be in the area, I would put together a gig.  So on the evening of the 27th, I will be putting on a small concert in Idaho Falls.  If there is the possibility of a lot of people coming, I may do a 2nd concert on Sunday the 28th.  If you’re in the area, send me an email and I will give you the location details.

In November, I will be doing a concert in Salt Lake City with my good friend and pianist, Michele McLaughlin.  Michele and I have been talking about doing this for like a year now I think – so the fact that it’s finally coming to pass is a milestone!  And we both have a pretty good fan base in Utah so maybe we’ll even fill the seats! LOL

We are still talking and planning out the details, but we plan to have the concert at Baldassin Pianos in downtown SLC.  There is one reason for this, and sorry Michele I know you really wanted Dayne’s Music (Steinway dealer) because their cost was cheaper, but it’s a dream for me to get to perform on a Fazioli piano – and there are just NO Fazioli pianos in Seattle. None! So this is my chance.  (Michele was so kind to let me have my way  ).  Baldassin has a beautiful 9 foot Fazioli piano for us there and I’m absolutely giddy with delight over it.  (Can you see me jumping up and down and giggling? Well if not, I really was doing that the other day).

And then finally, sometime this winter (perhaps early December…? It’s yet to be determined) – aside from the usual Christmas concerts I do every year, I will be doing a very special concert with my friend and Emmy award winning pianist/composer Jace Vek.  Jace composes music after my own heart so I’m really excited to put together this concert with him.  Our conversations are usually along the lines of this:

Me:  Jace, your music is SO cool.

Jace:  No, Jen YOUR music rocks!

Me:  No, Jace YOUR music rocks.

Jace:  Okay let’s do a concert.

Me:  No your music is cooler than mine.

I have a feeling this won’t be our only time to perform together. More details to come on that later.

2.  Film Projects! Are you as excited as I am? I’m finally jumping head first into some projects.  In particular, I have a local friend, Ali Mohsenian, who is a very talented filmmaker here in Seattle.  He and I have been going back and forth for months about working together.  He wanted to make a video to one of my songs, I wanted him to make me a music video, etc, etc, and then you know how it is – you get busy and put it off. 

Well last week I asked him if I he would do me a favor and let me write for one of his shorts and he responded with, “Hmm have a talented musician write a score for my movie because she need some practice…no I will pass but thanks…UM DUH! HECK YEAH!” LOL So thanks Ali, for taking a chance on me. I hope it pays off for both of us.

You all have to understand just how much I absolutely love and adore movie music.  When I go to the theater, I seriously pay more attention to the soundtrack than the movie.  I miss dialogue because I’m trying to listen to the music queues.  And I didn’t just one day wake up and decide I wanted to someday score films.  I have been collecting film music since I was probably 12 years old – not knowing at all back then that I was just preparing myself for later on down the road. 

For YEARS I wanted to be a concert pianist.  In college, I was in the practice room for 5 – 8 hours a day practicing Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, etc.  And then I would go home and listen to film music.  My favorite study music was the soundtracks from “Shine” and “Edward Scissorhands”. 

Okay fast- forward like 10 years later and here I am – meshing the two styles.  It never dawned on me that I would want to actually compose film music. But this past year it all just epiphinated on me (is that even a word? If not I just made it up) that this is what all my years of musical training was for.

Okay enough of that.  Are you utterly bored yet?

3. Quit my day job.  Okay hopefully my boss doesn’t read my blog.  But it is the goal to replace my day job with a music career.  Hence all the gigs. Hopefully.  I’m serious too – within the next month or two I plan to be done with my day job.  (I just felt a huge amount of stress leave me just by saying that outloud. Sigh).

Well I hope you enjoyed my novel. I didn’t know I had that much to write about!



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