Concert at Joe’s House

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to perform as a guest performer at my friend, Joe Bongiorno’s home for the release of his new CD, “Somewhere Within”.

It was such a great experience! The concert was set in his home with an intimate audience of 35 people on his beautiful 7’6″ Kawaii grand.  Joe performed 6 or 7 songs, and then had me come on to perform 3 from my own album ‘Key of Sea’.  And then after an intermission, Joe Yamada also performed a few songs, and then Joe B finished up the evening with a few more of his own.

I’ve gotten to know Joe and his music quite well over the past couple of months, and if you haven’t had the chance to hear him – you really need to! I highly recommend just taking a few quiet moments to sink back into your chair there in front of your computer and relax, listen, and melt away. 

Yes I’m definitely a passionate person when it comes to music, but I also appreciate softer solo work.  The thing that impresses me about Joe’s music is a) he has great ability to connect with the piano emotionally and b) his songs have really great structure to them. 

You know how some music can just start and then go no where and after a few tracks you feel like you already heard them all?…Well Joe’s music is NOT like that.  I find his music very beautifully created and well, it just makes sense to me when I listen to it. 

Check him out – you won’t be disappointed!

Joe Bongiorno –  he’s in my top friends.




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