I’m Baaaaaaaack!

Hey Everyone,

Well I’m back from vacation.  A MUCH needed vacation. 

In short, Vegas was hot.  The Disneyland castle was a lot smaller than I remembered. LA was trafficy.  The homes in Beverly Hills are rediculously large but nonetheless very beautiful.  I love palm trees and wish they grew in the northwest (major sad face here).  Malibu beach or gorgeous.  My new favorite city: San Francisco, the rice-a-roni treat.  I think I could definitely live in that city and love it. 🙂  The Redwoods were huge and majestic.  But being from Seattle, it’s not like I haven’t seen big fir trees before. lol.  Northern CA coastline was beautiful and peaceful.  Eastern Oregon was dry and hot – loved the small farming towns with only 1 gas station, 1 store (The “merchantiles”), and like 1 house or something (usually a trailer).  My grandparents are still doing well (Thanks Grandma for the yummy 4th of July watermelon).  Easter Washington was boring. LOL What can I say?

And helllllo Seattle!  Thank you for being a city with mild temperatures where we don’t need our A/C constantly running, for the big beautiful green mass of trees everywhere you look, for the snow-covered mountains, even in summer.  For the blue ocean and most of all – for being home to me. 🙂



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