Goodbye 29, Hello 30

Have you ever had birthdays that you just weren’t looking forward to? 

I remember turning 25 and dreading it.  “A quarter of a century old” seemed to be the theme to all the birthday cards I got from friends.   Then I turned 26, and it wasn’t so bad. I was in the upper-20’s and for some weird reason, all of a sudden felt more respected, and like people took me more seriously too. 

27 was awesome. It happened while on vacation in Hawaii with Will and his entire family.  And not to mention he proposed to me on the beach that evening right before we went back to the beach house to open gifts that were wrapped in palm tree leaves, everything smelled like plumeria flowers, and we had coconut topped birthday cake.  Ahhhh…

28 was great – I’d just gotten married a couple of months prior – so life was complete bliss. 

Then before I knew it, 29 came around the corner.  My hubby could barely fit all of the candles on the cake!  I thought that the smoke alarms were going to go off in our apartment and the fire department would show up.  I was dreading that birthday thinking, “Ahhhh, this is my last birthday before I turn 30.”

But now….the moment of truth has arrived and tomorrow I have to face reality.  My friends, as of 4:58 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on June 23rd, I will be turning 30 years old.

So what?

Maybe I’m just freaking out and worrying too much, but I’ve started noticing things lately!  Like how in recent years, people who used to seem old to me…now look more my age. Scary!  I’ve also wondered how do wrinkles creep up on you?  I mean it’s not like one day you wake up and have wrinkles.  They just slowly happen until one day you’re looking at a picture of you 10 years ago and you think “Wow I look so young!”.  You all of a sudden start paying attention to those Oil of Olay commercials afterall.

And remember when you graduated from high school in 1995?  Well, your friend, the schoolteacher, her 5th grade students were BORN that year.  What’s worse is when you run into old friends you went to college with and they have like 5 kids now (and they look at you weird because you haven’t had any yet yourself).   

And “Wow, I’ve been able to rent cars for 5 years now.  And I’ve been an adult for…12 years.”


Yet somehow inside I still feel like a little kid who isn’t old enough to have a credit card, college degree, or kids. I look at my face in the mirror and wonder if I actually look like I’m 30, because to me I still feel 12. 

So…I guess I’ll just have to own it.  Yep, tomorrow I am turning 30.  Wait, can I just call it Twenty-Ten?  Does this mean I have to act like an adult now?  But wait, isn’t 30 the new 20?  Am I now going to be one of those women who is embarrassed to reveal their age?  Why are women like that anyway? 

Oh my gosh – I know why women are like that.


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