New Song – “You Don’t Mean a Thing”

I just posted a song I’ve concocted up over the last week. It’s definitley not a masterpiece or even polished by any standards, but I was just testing the waters on some new composing styles.  I’d been wanting to do an Austin-Power’ish type of song for a while. 

So here it is. And I might add, it is the first one that does not have piano in it. (gasp!) I’ve had Reason for over a year and actually never done anything with it – so this is my first product from those sounds.  Well, actually only a small part of the song was recorded with Reason.  I supposed I just needed a reason to use it. Eh, eh, eh. I crack myself up.  Sorry, I’ve been overworked lately – this song was my release.

I hope you all have fun with it. 🙂



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