Where, oh where has Jennifer gone?

Hey Everyone,

I have been pretty much absent from MySpace and life in general for the past month!!  Soooooo sorry. (Majorly sad face here  ).  I would kill for a nice vacation right now…Hawaii, Cancun, or maybe Italy or something. 

But like most independent musicians, until we hit the bigtime we also have day jobs…  My property management career has had me working a huge amount of hours every week lately, for the past 2 months basically, and also attending all these business conferences to learn how to be an even better property manager.  I was nominated for some regional award (and yet I sit there at these conferences and think over and over again “I’m only doing this to support my music career…I’m only doing this to support my music career…”). I’m amazed I was able to write “Romance Theme” during that…maybe stress produces good things afterall? LOL. 

But alas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Fortunately this week my regional manager assigned a summer college intern to me and so I now have an office assistant – which I’m incredibly excited about.  And I did manage to actually sit down at my piano today (for about 10 minutes, still soooooo sad, but better than nothing).

Another reason for my hiatus is that Will and I just moved 25 miles south of where we were living, and so the whole process of moving was a huge time consuming thing.  We did that over Memorial Day Weekend, which was 2 weekends ago, and we are still living out of boxes.

Good news is that:

A) We actually are taking a vacation at the end of this month – Vegas baby yeah. And then over to Disneyland, and up the CA coastline back up to Seattle just in time for the 4th of July fireworks on Lake Union at our traditional spot on the dock with our blanket, fireworks treats, and cards to play ‘War’ until it gets dark. 

B) I did manage to find my gym clothes in a box and an LA Fitness in my new city so I can do something recreational besides working all the time. Yay!

C)  I do have some projects in the works, none of which I’ll name right now because they are not certain yet.  But yes some performances, some film projects, and new music.

And with that bit ‘o news, I’m off for the night. 

Jennifer, a.k.a. the workaholic


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