To Manicure or Not to Manicure, That is the Question

I’ve decided I’m going to start manicuring my nails. 

In all of my 29 years on this earth, I have only once had a manicure.  I know, I know!!!  And I’m such a girly-girl too!  Oh the shock – the horror! But you’ve got to understand, as a pianist and violinist, I don’t care about my nails.  Seriously.  I carry around clippers with me everywhere I go.  If they even start clicking on the keyboard – chop chop!

See, now as a violinist we have an advantage because we only need to keep one hand of fingernails trimmed.  The other one can be as beautifully long and manicure as we wish. 

I have never had that luxury though. lol.

And not to mention, sometimes when you are an aggressive piano player (which I consider myself to be a breed of), you do some pretty wild tricks on those ivories.  Glissandos, pounding, using two fingers on one key just to get an extra FFFFF (Fortississississississississimo) out of it. 

Having long nails is very dangerous. I know – because I’ve tried it before and it wasn’t pretty.  One of my nails got stuck in between a key and got bent backwards and torn away from the skin…and I know you know how much that hurts!  You pay for WEEKS afterwards even….

But, alas, the other day I was browsing through a magazine and saw a picture of  a girl with beautifully painted SHORT fingernails.  And I thought “Whoa. Can this be?”

And then I start remembering every time I did even remotely do something with my fingernails my husband would compliment me and tell me how nice my hands looked. 

So, starting today – I’m going to try it. I’m going to make a concentrated effort to take better care of my fingernails and….(drumroll) PAINT THEM and manicure them. 

Ya know, it’s kind of like taking care of your shoes.  They say a lot about a person – from what style you wear, to how muddy they are, how clean, etc.  I suppose what my nails have always said about me is “I don’t care.”  And I do!! I do!!

Tonight I’m heading to the bathroom to trim off hangnails, push back cuticles (ouch!) and paint them some sort of shade of pink, fusca or red. 

I’ll report back next week when I’ve probably gone back to not caring.


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