What I’m Currently Working On

Some of you have asked me what projects I’m currently working on, so I thought I would just write a quick blog.

Well, first and forement my next big project is moving. lol.  At the end of May we’re relocating about 20 miles south – job promotion, bigger apartment, etc, etc, so it’s all a good thing.  So for the next month or so I’ll be busy packing up our place and doing the dreaded moving stuff. Bleck!

This summer I’m going to do a house concert with Joe Bongiorno – as he has invited me to be his special guest performer with him after he releases his next album.  I’ve never done a house concert before – so I think it will be really fun! I love interacting with the audience and having that intimate performance setting – so I’m looking forward to it.

This November I’ll be doing a joint-concert with pianist Michele McLaughlin.  We’ll be doing the concert in the Salt Lake City area and will be a “Holiday Concert”.  The details and all of that are still in the pre-production stage of course.  Michele is awesome!  She came up to Seattle for my concert last weekend – got to hear some of her new songs she’s been writing.  Very beautiful. 🙂

And then last but not least, I’m working on some new pieces.  My efforts right now are concentrated on writing themes for film – from romance, to comedy, to serious, etc.  So I’m just working on some soundscapes with that in mind.  Right now I’m writing a romance theme and its very different than anything I’ve written before – I’m really excited about it.  But I am taking my time on this one – coming back to it the next day and listening and getting new ideas, changing things, etc.  My process in composing is sometimes very drawn-out.  What sounds good to me one day might not the next, so I like to let things sit for a while.

Oh yeah, and one more thing – my friend Brett is also wanting to shoot a music video for me. I’m actually really excited about this – he and his business partner, Ali, do amazing work.  (Check out Brett’s Peach Palace, oh wait I think he changed his screen name to Estinky Pants, LOL, and Ali the Film Guy – both in my top friends list). Anyway we’re going to shoot the video sometime within the next 2 months or so, as soon as we scout out a great location that has a piano with a great backdrop.

So other than that, I think that’s about it!  I might collaborate with a few other artists on some small single-track projects – depending on my time availability. 

Gosh and while I’m at it – I’d really like to say that somewhere in there Will and I will be taking a nice long vacation to Cancun or Hawaii or something like that. LOL But so far, I just don’t see that in the schedule….hmmm….I’ll have to work on that.  “Honey pleeeeeeeeeease let’s go to Hawaii….we NEED a vacation. Pretty pretty please?” lol (We actually have family in Hawaii so it might just work out….hmm I’m going to have to think on this some more…)



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